“A Real LOVE Revolution”!


Yo ho, Y’all!!

Happy Friday … and a T.G.I.F. (use “thank gosh I‘m friendly”, if you want to today!) to each of you reading.  I am full of fun today!  What about you?!?

Good morning!  Buenos dias, si quieres!  I am hoping that your week went by “without incident”.  What a phrase, huh?!?  And as the baptist congregation might say, “Well!”

Yesterday, I had my third acupuncture treatment … “Helen” is good!  This time, she worked on my hips exclusively.  Sometimes, it feels like there is a person in there!  She told me that during the aroma therapy/massage sessions that I perform on myself (self healing), I need to talk to my body … the cells … the parts including muscles and cartilage … in a loving fashion!  She and I talked a bit about my childhood and my upbringing.  I shared that my father was strict and though I rebelled sometimes, I appreciated his concern for my life.  We didn’t always communicate so well, I told her, but I knew that he loved me …  Sometimes, I miss him so much … with his “tough love” approach to so many things.  He was my “original tough guy” … my hero … he had the cutest little chuckle when he was happy or laughed at a joke!  Only his God knows what that man has been through …

So, here I am after waking up early and falling in to my “session” by lighting a stick of incense on the nightstand and putting the essential oils on my hips.  I began a brief soliloquy which morphed into an appeal to my body to listen to me and hear me out.  I told it that I am feeling sore and perhaps haven’t taken the best of care of myself.  I thought about how much I need … and USE … my body.  I thanked it for its service in my life …  Shucks, Man … I have been a lot of places and done a lot of fun and good things in my life so far.  I don’t want to stop now.  I looked at the sun’s rays streaming through the front cabin window, noticed the swirls of incense plumes as they rose from the incense holder on the night stand and continued to apply the oils on my hips … one at a time.  I hope they understand …

Yeah, I was a hippy back at St. Paul’s and Princeton.  I always joked with the “boys” about how when I got older, sitting in a rocking chair somewhere on somebody’s porch, I’d be puffing on a “spliff” and telling stories of how it was when I was growing up.  I use to always say that I want my child(ren) to say, “My daddy was a hippy!” and still be proud of the things that I, their dad, had accomplished in his life … and share some “love” …  You bet, I am still a “hopeless romantic”.  Each time I have the chance to, I hang out with new friends by the water’s edge at Puerta Pirata, the popular vegan/smoothie joint at the water’s edge near the main street of Puerto Viejo.  There is a couple from Canada – Conrad and Debbie – who I have become close with.  There is a younger buck from Canada who does “handy man” work named “Joshua” who I hang with sometimes … like just last night on the “strip”!  Yet, I am still the same … pretty much able to do things on my own … no company necessary.  It is always a pleasure to see my usual friends, Barry and Nancy … Cleo … the “other” Nancy, a part time resident here in “Puerto” from Minnesota, as well as the employees/friends at Puerta Pirata … Daniel, Gino and Miraella!  They make some great smoothies … not to mention authentic vegan meals and specialties like tuna tartar.

I got an e-mail from the attorney yesterday and I am feeling decent about applying for my retirement visa in Costa Rica.  I want to keep this “love revolution” going!  I meet so many people from all over the world who say that their countries leaders are disappointing them, too!  Maybe it’s time … for a real “love revolution”!

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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