Take Good Care of Yourself …


Happy Hump Day, my “friends”!

It’s another beautiful day to celebrate and enjoy!  Sometimes, with certain “values” in place leading us like a carrot leads the horse, one may forget to look to the sides of the path we travel, noting the scenery along the way.  What a concept, heh?!?  I am enjoying the laid back “pura vida” or simple life style here in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica.  I can track my banking by internet as long as I have WiFi so I don’t overspend, which is easy to do, with a foreign currency in your hands!!  When I lived and taught in Cali, Colombia for five years, I remember having to “juggle” the great number of bills and coins of the Colombian currency once my salary went from dollars to “Colombian pesos”.  Facebook, WhatsApp, and Outlook keep me in touch with those necessary … including you readers!

Of course, there are things that one has to get used to.  I was in shock at how persistent the mosquitoes are here … that’s right, mosquitoes!  I have an insect (mosquito) net over my bed which I kept trying NOT to use … You know, tough boy from New York can handle anything, right?!?  But NOT THESE MOSQUITOES!! LOL!!  The other night, I had a “dive bomber” style mosquito hunting me in the bed like I was its prey!!  I would see it faintly in the light disappear ….  Then … out of nowhere … and right next to my ear … I hear ” Hmmmmmm uma get you sucka!”  I pulled the blanket up over my head again until about 20 seconds later when I eased it down from over my head, I heard again …. ” Hmmmmm I got you sucka!” and BAM!!  It dove and bit me right on my forehead above my right eye!!!  I have learned more respect for nature out here, that’s for sure!  Now, I use the net over my bed for a MUCH more comfortable sleep … peace be still!

Okay, so last Saturday morning, I called Don Candido, the “Bri Bri” tribe’s “medicine man”, for lack of a better word.  I was supposed to visit him again and of course, it was raining “cats and dogs” …. Shucks, I thought I saw a cow coming down the drops were getting so big!!  I told Don Candido that I didn’t feel any difference after drinking the teas he had told me to drink for two weeks.  We chatted about continuing the treatment and I am bluntly honest – I don’t lie to myself much anymore nowadays …  I asked if he could give me a massage and see if that might help.  He laughed and told me to come in to visit him, no charge today!  I went …  We talked more about my “osteoarthritis” and he asked a few more probing questions.  As I answered, I remember having trouble shortly after I got my 2009 Jeep Compass following the motorcycle accident.  I had trouble getting out of the car … with my right leg wanting to stay inside.  I actually had to lift it with my hands and turn it out of the car and place the foot on the pavement below!  I couldn’t move it!!  As we talked more, I remember how I was catapulted from the motorcycle when I hit a raised curb on the curve of the exit in Ft. Lauderdale on Cypress Creek Road where I used to live!  Then I remembered how I landed … face down, helmet face guard completely scraped from the top of my head to my chin … and I landed with my hips open, arms wide to embrace the street, almost as if I was having sex with the street!!!  We chatted some more … Maybe it is NOT arthritis?!!  Maybe I can regenerate the necessary ingredients inside the joint to reduce pain and inflammation in my hips?!?  What a concept!

I finished the session with Don Candido in another part of his tribal medicine man’s cabin where he placed different size stones on my back and hip area, rubbing the flesh with the rocks in a circular motion.  He continued placing the the rocks, asking me what I felt as I lay on a small “massage bed” that would never pass the health inspection in the many countries … just sayin’.  We continued … he suggested that I NOT do yoga nor anything too strenuous while trying to heal the injury that occurred when I had the motorcycle accident on the way home from Capone’s Night Club after the Giant’s won the “Super Bowl”.

A few days before Saturday … maybe Thursday or so … I was visiting Nancy and Barry Stevens of “El Puente-The Bridge”.  I told Barry that the “vibration specialist” never followed up with me and that I was looking for someone serious to help me with some form of treatment to reduce my discomfort.  He went on line to a website called “Puerto Viejo Forum”, entered some information with my concerns … and maybe a half hour later, he received a message from someone recommending an acupuncturist.  Barry gave me the number, I called and had set up an appointment for Saturday afternoon after my session with Don Candido which I went to shortly after a light lunch.  It was quite the experience indeed!  I have had two sessions and am going for the third one on Thursday.  Between the aroma therapy deep massages “Helen” gives me before the acupuncture and my own “deep massages” performed on MYSELF  twice a day with an oil containing rosemary and other essential oils which she also provided, I am feeling hopeful.  Remember … I am not into lying to myself for ANY reason … especially involving a health specialist with MY health.  So … I will wait to see the results after 10 sessions … or as many as I “see fit” …

“Learning to love yourself … is the greatest love of ALL!”


John I. Cook, Director

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