“I’m Taking My Talents To …”

Happy Friday, All!

“Let me clear my throat, now … ” T.G.I.F.!!

It’s Friday … it is raining “cats and dogs” out here this morning!  Actually, there are some pretty productive rainy days in my own personal history so I shan’t fret much here!  I’d like to get a chance to go into the Caribbean Sea more, but the locals promise me that this is how “winter” is …  Patience is a virtue!

Some of you may be basketball fans of the NBA and may remember when LeBron James who was playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers but couldn’t win a championship decided that he was leaving his hometown.  He said in an internationally televised segment of ESPN or something like that … “I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach!”  Some people were alarmed while others were happy.  Some people “burned” LeBron James’s jerseys (welcome to Amerika … land of the free … home of the freaking nutcases!) while others went to purchase season tickets for the Miami HEAT Basketball Team … in the same country!  Okay … I will leave that one there for now.  Can a professional athlete decide which team he wants to play for … or is there some sort of “unwritten ownership” rule?  Everyone got upset when another NBA star, Kevin Durant, left his team of multiple years in Oklahoma to play for the “Golden State Warriors”.  There is this concept emerging where fans actually feel that they are part “owners” of a player since they purchase season tickets and buy their jerseys.  Money makes some “mofos” think they actually “own” stuff … like other people! I will say it again … “WT@”!?!  (Note:  Fans didn’t destroy the basketball arena nor the owners house – they just burnt a player’s jersey … in public … like a lynching!!)

Where am I going with this?  Am I getting all worked up again?!?  NO!  I am writing … freeing myself from ignorance and stupidity!  This whole concept of “land ownership” seems to have gotten people into a state of mind of being like a “god”!  We look at the history of the world and we can see numerous cases where mere “humans” felt (feel) that they can own and determine the destiny of a “fellow human being” … by taking the land she/he was born in claiming it for themselves and stripping the “natives” of their natural human rights. The concept has spread to the point of becoming ludicrous … enough already with this “ownership” stuff designed, in my opinion, to “make” people feel more important than others!  I mean, that’s okay … whatever floats your boat … But don’t start looking at me with that “mad look” of “I own YOU!” (I had a few bosses like that my last few years of working stateside!)  I know, I know folks … I go in “hard” sometimes on America … just like Dr. King did … charging us to live up to what our “founding fathers” (some slave owners, too!) wrote in the Declaration of Independence.  Stop the hypocrisy!!  Or should I just sit back, keep my mouth shut, make my brain dumb … my eyes blind … and me ignorant … Or … do I say something?  Society may say: If “I” give you enough money and a house away from the “poor people we created in the design of our society”, will you keep your mouth shut?!?  It’s a rhetorical question, don’t worry!

Well, I am taking my talents anywhere I want to … whether “the peanut gallery” likes it or not!  And, I am trying to suggest to my readers to “think outside the box” and claim the rights that YOUR CREATOR laid upon you!  And, if anyone for any reason tries to take those rights away from you, you too can “take your talents wherever you want”!  For no one …. NO ONE owns you … except you.  I can think freer like this in Puerto Viejo … mainly because I am retired, and can accept a less extravagant lifestyle  that is “available” in the states … for a price!  I am humble and I am a warrior … “I am the storm!”

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. lindagallery
    Jan 19, 2018 @ 14:50:55

    This is a brilliant post. Beautifully written, spot on!



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