“One Day At A Time!”


Happy Hump Day … Yeah, Baby!

What’s going on in your part of the world on this part of your journey?!?  Are you aware of it?  How about … are you aware of yourself and your “part” or position in the big scheme of things?  Do you really HAVE a part?  Can you rewrite YOUR part?  I mean, this ain’t no “Hollywood Movie” … this is your life!  Sometimes after a long day of doing whatever I want to do nowadays … I sit back and briefly wonder about eternity … eternal happiness … or just happiness … The kind of thing that makes you go, “Hmmmmm ….”!

Just the other night, I was chilling in the cabin while the rain pounded the Caribbean side of Costa Rica listening to Wiz Khalifa’s “When I’m Gone!”  No! No!  Don’t worry!  I don’t have any “plans” regarding that part of “the journey”, but the contemplation session brought me “full circle” to the point where I decided I will do my BEST to enjoy every single day to the best of my ability!  Now, with that approach, I don’t put any “unnecessary” pressure on myself!  I am a strong believer in “mind over matter” and I am looking to heal myself from some of the “self inflicted” and “permitted” atrocities I experienced along the journey while participating in “society”!  You know … certain “elements” in society want me to “look at myself” in the way that is most convenient for “them”!!  Ha!  I am done with playing that part in order to “get to” retirement ’cause I am there now!

I got up early this morning after hanging out last night with an English student of mine who is also an “arts and crafts” designer, and some of her friends along “the stroll” on the main road in Puerto Viejo, close to the center of town.  The people were/(are) so interesting as I sat back and listened to their stories of how they got into making and vending “artesenias”, some of them traveling between the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica where the tourism is often very compelling enough to them to go there to sell their goods, and, the Caribbean Coast where Puerto Viejo is located!  My friend has a 4 year old son whom she takes care of “single-handedly”, brings to classes and work, carries all of his “personal items” like his tablet and colored pencils and paper while we work intensely on some of the things that will enable “Adriana” to increase her sales and take care of she and her son!  She is about 30 and is an example of the beauty and hard work ethic in some of the “Tico” women, as the people are called here.  Today, she is supposed to bring another friend to English tutoring this morning who is an arts and crafts specialist and also has a stand on “the stroll” frequented by the many many tourists here.

So, as I search for that personal balance in my life by engaging in a variety of activities, perhaps even yoga this Thursday with a third student and her boyfriend and friends, I am planning a return trip to the “States” next month to organize the required paperwork for “residency retirement” here in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica.

Have a wonderful Hump Day and “Pura Vida”, as is the popular expression here in Puerto Viejo and Costa Rica!


John I. Cook, Director

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