Just Be


Happy Friday, y’all!

And if you don’t mind … I’d like to put my “four cents” in … T.G.I.F.!

It’s “The Weekend”, Baby!  All that I can tell you is that I am feeling “groovy” today … embracing memories of my buddy out of Brooklyn from St. Paul’s and Princeton … Jose St. Elmo Wiltshire … rest in peace, my brother.  We were team mates in basketball at SPS and running partners at both SPS and PU … We lost Jose in 2017 … and while I am thinking of it, I lost another childhood buddy, Robert Aurelius Hipp from “the Projects” and who also attended St. Paul’s, University of Wisconsin and went on to become one of the youngest regional managers at General Foods Corporation there in our hometown of White Plains, NY … Peace be still …

I have been settling in here in Puerto Viejo and learning to enjoy retirement … Yep, no “rat race” days that I always lose … no accidents on the way to work trying not to be late in Ft. Lauderdale traffic … no red and blue lights in the rear view mirror nor wondering what this “character” in the car behind me is going to do next!  Hmmm … Peace be still …  These past few nights, I had been sitting at the “breakfast nook” just outside the bedroom window … and I saw this small flying object … me being me … thinking it was a bat!  It flew right past my face, entered the property through the “nook” … went around back somewhere where there are lots of trees and foliage … and zoomed back past my face, onto to the street and into the night!!  I just sat still … So, this morning while I was drinking some tea and having a peach yogurt at the “nook”, this tiny thing zoomed past my face again … within inches … went into the backyard, swung a U-turn and came out and sat on a plant directly in front of me seeking its sap …  It was a humming bird!!!  We had breakfast together this morning!

I am learning to “just be”.  I don’t have to prove anything to anyone except myself … at least I am consistent with me … and I absolutely adore me … so just being is pretty cool.  There are moments when I catch myself daydreaming.  My favorite place to do that is Puerta Pirata Beach just outside of the smoothie/vegan shop located within feet of the water.  Yesterday afternoon after I had finished one of my volunteer English teaching sessions I have been asked by various locals to give them, I sat on a long tree limb just inches from the shore line and waited for the sun to toast me just enough to get into the almost “bath water” warm water.  The kids are out of school until February and the tourists are here from Canada, Europe and even Alaska.  Listening to the waves and watching the birds of various breeds flying and dipping into the water for their catch of the day has become a favorite past time!  Yet, I am sure that once I am able to complete my visa, the writing will continue!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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