“Can You Handle It?!?”


Happy Hump Day, y’all!

“It’s another day in the international neighborhood!” … and I ain’t Mr. Roberts!  A little smile keeps me going for a little while!

As of now, I am enjoying the ambiance in Puerto Viejo as well as the “small town” nature of this Caribbean “pueblo” in Costa Rica.  I learned, educate me if I am mistaken, that the large Afro-Caribe population came to Puerto Viejo many years ago when Jamaican workers were hired to complete some construction projects there … and the Jamaican population stayed and grew.  It seems like “Bob Marley” is the figure most represented in the souvenirs in many of the shops!  Here are a lot of brothers and sisters of Jamaican descent who blended in and helped shape the actual “folkways and mores” of the people in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica.

It is a country that I think I could live in … of course, as well as to use as a travel base … and improve my health as well as my mental and spiritual awareness.  Two days ago, I contacted an attorney to help me with the paper work for “retirement residency” here which they call “pensionado”.  It was suggested to me that I hire an attorney to complete the paper work because ones chances are better with legal counsel.  I need to organize these papers – birth certificate, pension letter, social security card and US Passport – and they all must be submitted within a six month period.  I mean, every country has its own regulations to live there and the most important one is that a retiree can take care of her/himself financially and NOT become a burden to the government.  So, I plan to travel back to the States in a month or so and get the paperwork lined up that I need.

Today, I have an appointment with an alternative medicine “healer” to see if the vibration technique can help to regenerate the fluid and cartilage that is depleted in both of my hips!  Most alternative medicine practitioners seem to suggest that something in my thought processes may be causing the lack of production of these all important “ingredients” in the hip joint and proper functioning.  Shucks, yesterday, while I was swimming at Puerta Pirata, I re-met (I had seen them before but couldn’t remember their names) some young guys who had all three done a treatment performed by a Shaman here in Puerto Viejo who burns the skin of the arm in three tiny places and then places “frog venom” … yep, something poisonous from the frog (or snake in some rituals) … on each of the burns so that the venom can act to detoxify the body! …. That’s what I said!!! Wf@!!??  Now, I have been known to be a Nature Boy of sorts, but I ain’t “feeling” this approach to healing my hips.  The guys insisted that it “might” help with clearing the “blockages” that I may have which is causing the degenerative osteoarthritis that I am currently experiencing.  After, they told me about the swelling of the face, difficulty in breathing and the fact that one will expectorate globs of toxins while experiencing these physical challenges. So, I am going to take the “low road” right now because I didn’t come here to accidentally die from ingesting some poison, frog or snake venom!!

I have been fortunate enough to gain some “new readers” who signed up to follow me and Educational Excellence’s blog!  If you are one of those who would no longer like to receive these correspondences, please send me an e-mail with the word “STOP” on it and I will get the message!

In the mean time, have a great day!


John I. Cook, Director

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