So Be It!


Happy Friday, All!

I think that there are several “T.G.I.F.’s” out here today!  Well here’s mine! TGIF!!

Just yesterday, I had gotten caught up just a bit in “some stuff” … you know … like, “Wt@”!  But I do less worrying nowadays but I did have to tell myself, “What are you thinking about that for?!?”  While I always try to learn a bit more about myself, especially in my interactions with others, I do realize that we are NOT all on the same “wave length” … or “frequency”!  Some of us believe in “God” while others believe in themselves, which in my opinion is where the Creator resides … deep inside of each of us.  Yet, it does require some “priming” to get this process flowing!  “Know Thyself” and know thy limitations … for that is where your Creator comes in … should you decide to agree … which you don’t, of course!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman from Amsterdam who is a yoga instructor … with a passion, like most of those that I know, including Christen Scott, Bianca Rangone and Rocki Roland as well as “Ester” each of whom I studied under in Ft. Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines.  I was impressed with “Amber’s” energy level and desire to make her journey one of her own in a genuine sense of the word.  I enjoy meeting people with similar interests because it allows me to “rub up against” them, so to speak, so that I can “tighten up” or hone some of my own characteristics needing “re-alignment”!  In other words, I appreciate the opportunities to meet new people from other cultures and countries so I can learn more about myself, as well as them!

I am on my last weekend here in Cahuita and I haven’t found a suitable place to “live” and have not even touched the idea of “retirement residency” here.  I am sure that it is another “nut to crack”, so to speak!  I am planning on going back to San Jose for a couple of days and then, perhaps, flying to Colombia … Medellin to be exact.  I will take another few looks around here in Cahuita for an apartment or two that I was told about.  Yet, of course, like in so many other things in our lives, if it doesn’t pan out, so be it!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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