“Life Is But A Dream . . .”


Happy Friday, All!

I always like to show my appreciation with a hearty T.G.I.F. …. no matter whom you choose to call your “higher power”!  Some folks do as they like while others follow “Good Orderly Direction” …. hmmm ….

Alicja wrote me back yesterday to let me know that she got the e-mail.  I mean, we met on a bus going to the same town … Puerto Viejo.  While she is staying there, I am staying just a half hour away in Cahuita, which is a little less busy.  She informed me that she appreciated being introduced to you all and “found” what she was looking for on her journey there in Puerto Viejo.  I think I will return there today to check on a few things … maybe even a power smoothie with peanut butter, chocolate, bananas and almond milk.  They have a very cool smoothie shop there with vegan stuff, including food, right there on the beach in Puerto Viejo.  I must return to the National Park here in Cahuita because after I finished lunch at the restaurant there yesterday, I started to walk but the tennis shoes I had on were NOT cooperating with my feet.  Looks like I need to wear “flip flops” there, too!

Last night, the neighbors here had a “Reggae fest” music-a-thon until like 2 or 3 in the morning!!  I had fallen asleep and then was awakened by heavy reggae beats and singing as well as an occasional scream of “Okay!” by the rapper from the states (ATL) named “Little John” which was mixed in to the reggae beats based music.  I mean, it was like a “block party” for the whole tiny “pueblo” of Cahuita!  Later, around 3am, I woke up … no music … but the rain had begun!!  Sometimes, we just have to go with the flow, but “Git ‘er done!”

I am feeling rather spiritual today.  I am in an incredibly natural environment here … no tv in my room … and I am feeling good about it all!  My arthritis still troubles me and I have my wooden cane that I purchased in Valencia, Spain to get me up and down sometimes … and help keep me from falling!!!  When was the last time you all have heard someone say that?!?  Yeah, that’s where I am at … Yet, the journey continues!

Enjoy the Full Moon, the weekend … and the first day of December!  2018, here we come!


John I. Cook, Director

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