Welcome Back . . .

Happy Friday, Y’all!

And as we do it around here, T.G.I.F.!  It’s the weekend again, Baby!

First of all, in the last piece about “3 Johns”, I had incorrectly named the hurricane that caused so much damage to my friend John Young’s apartment in Daytona Beach as well as threatened the safety of my other friend John Shelton who lives in Margate, closer to Ft. Lauderdale.  I mentioned it was “Wilma”, which was actually over 10 years ago, but the hurricane was Irma.  I stand corrected!

Coming back “stateside” was going to be a challenge I knew but certain things were unexpected.  You may remember the situation that occurred on the “4th of July” on Ft. Lauderdale Beach this year.  There was a motorcycle officer who sped by in the bicycle lane as the public transportation bus had dropped me and a French friend of mine off on the street side of the barriers placed by the City of Ft. Lauderdale for pedestrian safety.  As he sped by, he hollered, “Get out of the street!” to which I replied, “Where are we supposed to walk?”  He gave me a ticket for “walking in the street when a sidewalk was available”.  I submitted a “Not Guilty” plea to the ticket division of Ft. Lauderdale as well as information that I had already purchased travel tickets for a 3 month vacation in Europe.  I had also mentioned to the seargent with the “Internal Affairs” division of the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department during the complaint against the officer for what I considered “racial profiling” that I would be away for three months and to contact me by e-mail.  Needless to say, I never received any e-mails from Sgt. Coffin nor any other form of communication.

I had my mail placed in a “hold” status at my mailbox for me and E.E. and went into the Post Office on Wednesday when I returned from Barcelona.  I picked up my mail and went carefully through each piece.  There were no communications from the “parking division” and none from the Internal Affairs division.  However, there was a communication from the Department of Transportation from the State of Florida … stating that my license was suspended!!!  I was concerned because I had not only written a request for the ticket division to schedule the court date after October 17th, 2017 due to my already planned and paid for flight to Barcelona, but pled NOT GUILTY to “walking in the street when there is a sidewalk available”.  There were nor correspondences stating that there was a court date at ALL and not one communication from anyone … no one at ALL!  After carefully reading the suspension notice, I saw that the date was September 15th or so when the suspension went into effect!!  I left to go to Barcelona on July 19th so there was a two month time frame before any communication regarding my license was sent to me … and that said that my license was suspended.  So, in other words, over a two month period, the “wheels of justice” moved so quickly that there were “court dates” and activity but NOT ONE correspondence sent to me to inform me of the activity surrounding this ticket.  Now, I needed to rent a car when I returned “stateside” to move some things from Ft. Lauderdale to Daytona Beach … and … a license is needed to rent a car!  Once I got back to where I was staying, I called my traffic attorney firm that I have been using here in Ft. Lauderdale for over 10 years.  They informed me that … 1) a traffic ticket for walking in the street was issued to me and … 2) my license to drive a car … can be suspended for NOT SHOWING UP TO COURT!!!  Yet, there were NO correspondences from anyone regarding a court date nor attempts to reschedule or postpone the court date, as I had requested in WRITING from the Traffic Division.  So … “Welcome Back”!!

So, I paid for the attorney’s services to have my licensed reinstated by 3:30pm Thursday … so I could rent the car Sunday with a valid driver’s license …  It is one of the main reasons why I don’t have much respect for this system … the courts and police … because somebody is ALWAYS dropping the ball there and I am the one paying for everything resulting as a consequence of something that I “have no control over”.  It got ‘er done, I rented the car, packed up at John Shelton’s place, drove to Daytona and unloaded my belongings, drove back to Ft. Lauderdale Wednesday and hung out downtown before catching a 5:30am Greyhound Bus Thursday morning back to Daytona where my friend John Young picked me up yesterday afternoon at 1:30pm.  I just like “gittin’ stuff done”!  NEXT!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director



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