We Did It! “Th … Th … Th … That’s All Folks!”


It’s Monday ….

Can anyone say “Monday, Funday”?  Or was that yesterday?!?  Yes.  Today is my last day in Sabadell, Barcelona … Spain.  I was just watching the news here regarding the possible secession of Catalunya from Spain … So much going on “politically” world-wide.  Can you say, “Peace … be still …”?!

The trip has been wonderful … after arriving 3 months ago in Sabadell and taking on other countries’ borders and cities to enjoy a much needed trip.  I mean, before I knew it, I was back in Barcelona!  Valencia was probably where I relaxed the most … taking in the beach there – Malvarrosa Beach – and many of the tourist’s sights … as well as the “not so touristy” sights!  Going on from Valencia to Hamburg with a day lay over in Prague was quite an experience as well.  I met some of the nicest people and on one occasion, either a problematic person or a “stupid” person who gave me the wrong directions to an address that was right where I started when I got out of the train there in Hamburg where I asked him for help!  We’ll chalk that one up to experience because I should have looked around before asking someone where a street was … which was directly behind me!  Lesson: “Trust … but not everybody!”  Hamburg was also delightful with the new Philharmonic Hall and the Port of Hamburg, though I didn’t get to see a German friend who lives in Kiel, and, I was momentarily disappointed.  Life goes on …

Amsterdam was a place that I had never anticipated traveling to but had a “funtastic” time there!  The people were kind, the ladies were as beautiful as they were in Prague and Valencia, and I had two unexpected “dates” with people … one I hadn’t seen since leaving White Plains as a teacher!  The other surprise was from a woman who is a yoga teacher in Amsterdam but who knows an acquaintance of mine from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  So, I had an unexpected dinner in downtown Amsterdam with a former student, Trevor Henry, as well as a boat cruise on the canals in that City’s lovely ambiance with Cheryl Nesbit.  Peaceful people everywhere!  I never intended to visit Paris … but I did!  I stayed there for like five days and enjoyed everything I could from the Eiffel Tower to Arc de Triomfe as well as a foot trip to “The Louvre” … I didn’t go in … I was too tired!  Shucks, I even saw the original “Moulin Rouge”!  I had some of the coolest room mates in the hostel there in Paris, co-ed type thing, and made some cool new friends.  Paris is truly a city with its own “style”!!  From Paris, I took a 12 hour bus trip back to Barcelona where I hung out another month with the same hostess I met when I had first arrived in Sabadell.  After a month or so of more sight seeing, I took off to Valencia again … I just had to see that beach one more time!  I stayed in the City … downtown Valencia … and got to see yet another aspect of this beautiful city!

So, now I am winding up two weeks here in Sabadell again with a cool hostess, Vicky Lao, who has her own Air BnB set up that functions pretty well!  I can tell you that I have had some meals here that she prepared that were superb!  After arriving back in Sabadell, I had the pleasure of meeting an older gent, a retired doctor, who was born in Spain but grew up in New York’s Queens.  We met at a health food store and became friends instantly.  He invited me on a trip to a place called “Costa Brava” which stretches from Catalunya in Spain to the French border where we had a day of relaxation, beautiful scenery and … some excellent food.  Thanks, Francisco!  Tomorrow morning, I will board the Delta flight back to Atlanta and finally to Ft. Lauderdale.  I will hunker down for a few days in the FTL and then probably on to Daytona Beach while I work out my trip to South America …

But for now, “That’s all folks!”

Have a great day and a greater week!


John I. Cook, Director

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