Keep Your Options Open … “Think Outside the Box”!


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

How is everything going in your life today?!?  I hope it is going okay.  Yes, these are my last few days in Sabadell, Barcelona and I am enjoying it to the “max”!  Last week, I met a guy in a local “health food store” called “Superverde”.  He overheard the cashier asking me about my license from Florida and asked if I was from “The States”.  Turned out that he is a retired doctor with like two or three “children” who are also doctors here in Sabadell and one in Oxford, England.  So we chatted, we had lunch a few days later upon his suggestion.  We even met last night for a coffee where he invited me to a resort region called “Costa Brava”, which lies all the way along the Mediterranean from Barcelona to France!  We are going Saturday for a day trip … Imagine …  Just from a conversation about a driver’s license from Florida.  I am ecstatic and am looking forward to it.

My yoga teacher here, Magda Amour, has a son and a husband who admire anything “New York” … That would include me!  They had invited me to dinner Saturday, too, but I couldn’t determine when I will be back from “Costa Brava”.  We had talked about Friday but her son plays soccer/futbol and has a practice early Saturday morning and they don’t want to keep him up too late Friday night.  I told her that we could meet up for just an hour or so … just to meet.  That would be cool.  We’ll see.

Those who know me well also know that I am an adventurer … in Spanish … “adventurero”.  So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to you if I said that I am looking to retire in another country all together.  I am on the plan right now as I have learned throughout my years that when the motivation and connections appear, it is time to take action.  I had sent a former student a message last week about retiring in Colombia … Medellin to be exact … and she got back to me last night!  The information is astounding.  The cost of living is right up my “alley”, and, I used to live in Cali, Colombia some years ago … teaching English … so the culture is something I am familiar with …  I asked my friend how she compares Costa Rica to Ecuador and Colombia and she said that there is much more to do in Medellin.  In addition to my writing, those things may keep me alive longer … and the health insurance is better and more affordable than in “The States”.  So, I am keeping my options open … looking waaaay outside the traditional “box” of locations to retire for US citizens.  Can you blame me …. and only God knows how many other “ex-pats” there are who have retired outside of the USA … for wanting a comfortable and peaceful retirement somewhere?!?  If you can, I hope you stay in touch!!

Enjoy your Hump Day and don’t stay limited by “small thinking”!


John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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