Put Your Best Foot Forward . . . Follow Through!

It’s Friday, y’all … and you know what that means!

Yep! T.G.I.F.!!  Let me hear “the peanut gallery” chime in … TGIF!  Yes, yes … I got jokes … still!

Things are winding down for me as I get closer to returning stateside!  Making contacts with folks and getting flight information squared away …  And of course, yes … I don’t want to leave here for certain things I have experienced.  So, I guess I’ll have to take them with me!  I always try to take the best of any experiences with me as I had “taken them all in”, so to speak.  I try not to forget anyone or anything … because nothing happens by accident along this journey we call “life”!  A friend of mine from back in White Plains posted a video on Facebook on my inbox that showed a “white gent” trying to get a lesson across to a group of teens who were racing for a $100.00 bill.  Before he started the race, he had “a few statements” like, “If you haven’t had to worry where your next meal is coming from, take two big steps forward from the start line.”  Another one was, “Take two steps forward if you grew up with both of your parents, Mom and Dad, still married and living at home together.”  “If you’ve never had to worry about your cell phone being turned off, take two more big steps forward.”  By the time he had finished his “pre-qualification” questions, the start line had mostly “minority” children standing on the line and those who had a head start were “white teens”.  He clarified what he was doing and told the kids that this is how “life” is for the human race … some of us have head starts that have nothing to with “us”, nothing to do with decisions that “we” have made.  When and if one makes a serious effort to understand the inequities involved in this thing called “life”, we may be more conscious of the fact that “some of us” have an advantage and have been given a “head start” in this thing called “life”!  Introspection is a tough personality characteristic to obtain and is not one that many of us, especially in “the land of the free, the home of the brave”, could give two sh@ts about since “we” may have been given those “head starts”.  Now, no one is suggesting that you give away your “wealth”, if that is what you’ve acquired, but be more sensitive to those who have had disadvantages in their lives from the very beginning … through no fault of their own, oftentimes.  Thanks, Daryl Goodman, for providing me with that video.

Many human societies have turned “life” in to a race!  So, whomever finishes “first” gets what?!?  A better life … or death?!?  We can always share things that come with our “good lives” and good fortune, perhaps.  We don’t have to be selfish and “blame the victim” so often.  An encouraging word or two or even better … a helpful hand … not “hand out” … I said hand … is better than some “so-called” harsh words of admonishment!  I look at how and when “we” feel giving someone assistance is a “hand out” or entitlement or not!  I could carry on for hours with this one … I just think of our members of Congress and other political offices who get “the best health insurance for life” … even though they are not working anymore.  How about that six figure pension … or more … that some of them get every year for the rest of their lives even after they have stopped working.  I know, I know … many would say, “They deserve it!”  I would beg to differ …  Whether I can convince you or not that this is “in order” or correct is not important for me today.  I am stating this to encourage those who have been brought into this world that “life” is NOT a race or a game that you win or lose!!  Since I have been here in Sabadell, for example, I have not seen ONE car accident nor have I witnessed ONE “street fight”!  The people here are more laid back … more respectful of themselves and others.  They don’t cut corners or cross the street when the light is red … too often!  Those of us “born” with disadvantages can still put that “best foot forward” … even when others look “down” on you for not having what they have!  To me, it seems that “life” has a different definition for them here … It is to be lived heartily, shared with fellow humans (animals included often!) and that it is something to be enjoyed … by ALL.  When you’ve come up with so many “disadvantages”, people tend to look for opportunities to “take advantage” of other situations sometimes in an unhealthy or dishonest way.  That is also NOT necessary.  Put that best foot forward … and good things will follow.  Carry the “right” attitude about life and people who may be able to help you probably WILL help you!  And of course, once you get some help … follow through!

While I am well into my sixties, I have learned to loosen my grip on life.  I have learned to let the good things come … and the not so good things “go”.  I am always as humble and grateful as I can be when given assistance … and when NOT.  I try not to hold any grudges (besides, it is a waste of precious and valuable energy) and try to “keep it movin'” when I am not welcomed or appreciated.  So far, so good!  What thinketh you?!?


Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!



John I. Cook, Director

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