“Count It All Joy!”

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Yes, yes, y’all!  And as is a tradition around here with me and EE, T.G.I.F.!  I am in awe at My Creator on days like this!!

My parents, Mary and Ike, brought me up in the church, Bethel Baptist to be exact!  Shucks, I got baptised there, went to Sunday School and church there … man, I even got married there!  That’s what a church family provided for me.  I had “God” in my heart from early on.  So here I sit in Sabadell, Catalunya, Spain for my last Friday in a while, probably.  I am counting my blessings, noting my trials and tribulations, and counting it ALL JOY, as I learned in many a scripture while attending Bethel Baptist Church.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y’all … I even sang in the Youth Choir there!  Whaaaat?!?  I was surrounded with love, surrounded with spirituality, all due to both of my parents and their encouragement … peace be still …

Sometime near the end of May 2017, the urologist told me that I had traces of cancer in my prostate …  Afterwards, I sat in the car at the office of the urologist, which was maybe a hundred feet near the location of Florida Memorial Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale where my mother passed away in hospice over ten years ago … and cried all by myself.  I didn’t want to talk to nobody … I didn’t know what to do … So, I just experienced it … with Mom and Dad … my two Earthly Angels who had guided me with all of their love, heart and soul for many years, through many changes in my life … And they stuck by me … the baby boy of the family!  My dad had hopes and dreams for me, my mother had so much love for me that sometimes I could feel it oozing from her body onto and into me … in my most difficult moments!  My dad died from the suffering and pain of bone marrow cancer.  They were there with me when I got the “news” … I felt them there!  Shucks when I finally had manipulated my “Obamacare” insurance plan enough to get the CT scan and bone scan, they were both with me when I went in and out of that chamber where the scans were taken.  I felt them there … BOTH of ’em, you dig (I’m pushing back tears right now … tears of JOY!)  No traces of cancer found in my tissue nor my bones.  I am so grateful to them that I feel I owe them my life!  So this ones for youse twos … “All the way up!”

There is a book that I’ve been reading, “The Cancer Report”, a gift from Susie Q Wood, that I have finished reading while here in Sabadell.  I am at the end where there is a workbook section placed so that a patient can choose her/his support group to establish a “winning team” to combat this dis-ease.  I have learned so much, have inculcated so much from the book, as it strongly suggests that when one finds out that one has cancer, it is a turning point in their life … for the better.  One has a fantastic reason to live on, change the lifestyle that allowed this illness, which often comes from mental stress and circumstances including diet and life style, to find root in the form of tumors in our bodies … our temple.  This trip to Spain and Europe has become part of my therapy and treatment as I am including more fruits and vegetables in my diet, I am meditating and continuing to practice yoga, visiting as many beaches as I can … which I love!  I am looking to embrace the holistic approach, as I have found many friends, and associates and friends of friends who have shared similar circumstances, which they too have overcome in a holistic fashion.  (In some parts of the book, they spell holistic like this, “wholisitc”, since the approach encompasses treating the mental, psychological, spiritual and physical “self” of the participants!)

So, let me go here … I am back to my journey … and counting it all joy, y’all!  Traveling to Valencia, Spain on Sunday … more sun drenched beaches and new experiences.  I’ll keep you all posted.


John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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