Progress is Not Promised


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Yeah, y’all … I am grateful today!  Do you know what I am saying?!  How many of you have gratitude in your attitude … just to make it to the other side of the street?!  I don’t mean because you are aging and wobbly sometimes like me … but that you make it and don’t get hit by a passing car driven by someone who is “having a bad day”?!  I know, I know … we all say, “That wouldn’t happen to me …until it does!”  Be grateful while you can … Progress is not promised.

We all are working on something, if not just to make sense of and enjoy this life we’ve been gifted.  Many of you know that I have made some errors along the way.  Many of you also know that I don’t take stuff lying down and crying like a baby!  Some of you know I have a gift of blending humility with pride, hard work with relaxation and self preservation.  There are a few who think they know me way too well … Peace be with you.  I wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” in my mouth and I don’t have one to give to anyone else.  Still, each day is a work in progress.  Again, I thank my friends and associates … those of you who saw me falling, heard my cry for help … and gave it to me … unconditionally.  I love you guys . . .

When our current president got elected, I didn’t feel so well about America anymore.  Now it is not a “race” thing as some of us like to accuse “others” of … because it is precisely “their” thing … It is a thing of honor, decorum, leadership and being a role model.  America elected a lying bully to the highest office of the land.  This says a lot about the character of those Americans who respect and accept “disrespect, dishonesty and lack of discipline”.  It says even more about the character of Americans who continue to make excuse, after excuse upon excuse for this person’s lack of leadership of America.  I had to get a way … When you walk the streets of America, you can feel some people in positions of authority adopting the “bully” attitude and approach to things.  You can see some people in positions of authority spouting forth pure lies in your face … clearly disrespecting “you”.  My Dad never graduated from high school, but he taught us well that there is nothing to honor in a liar … NOTHING!  Yet some of us continue to honor a bold faced liar . . .  I’m done here . .

I have embarked upon a journey at this stage of my life that I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish, though I had the “pieces of the puzzle” in my hand.  I adopted the right attitude, so to speak of humility and seeking help, which I have absolutely no problem with.  Many of you reading came through like “stealth jets” guiding me to my next destination.  Hey, do you know how that makes me feel?  Grateful!!!  Others took “pot shots” that never reached me and I watched them fall short of the mark.  Institutions took aim at my head … and I moved instinctively to the “right”.  Some even directed their hatred and hostility at my heart, which I protect with every ounce of strength in my body.  Not only did I have my “body” covered in armor, I took cover until it was safe to come out again.

I am approaching the second leg of my trip preparing to go to Valencia, Spain on Sunday.  I have even delved into planning the third leg which will be to Germany, Amsterdam and maybe even France.  I am playing it by ear … No wife at home awaiting my arrival, no children who are babies depending on me to bring food home to them.  Just me … just as I am … living out the next years of my life … one day at a time … that I have been gifted with.  Trust me, I know that progress is not promised!

Thanks for putting up with me.

Peace … and Love, y’all!

John I. Cook, Director

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