Ya, He Llegado a Espana! (Now, I Have Arrived in Spain!)

Happy Friday, All!

Well … I’ve been able to do it again … only through the love, the grace, the mercy and the blessings of My Creator … and the angels It surrounded me with … T.G.I.F.!

I am sitting at a nice simple desk, just big enough for my laptop and a lamp … and my computer mouse … in an old yet stylish and well kept apartment with an elevator just big enough for two people and three suitcases, writing from me and Educational Excellence!  It took some doing, but I am able to crank out this humble, simple yet important message!  We made it to Espana!

I don’t know if I can tell you all the details, but after leaving the hostel in Ft. Lauderdale once I had packed everything I own into a huge rolling duffel bag and after having my winter coat and trench coat as well as a pair of boots picked up and stored by my buddy Johnny Ace and his girl Candy, I got on the bus to the airport … and the story unfolds …  Thanks to Jacquie Young from White Plains who is now a supervisor for BCT (Broward County Transit) Bus Lines who not only gave me a yearly pass to ride the buses in the FTL after I “gave up” my Jeep Compass so I could travel and NOT have an additional worry “back home”, not to mention an additional car payment of $350.00 per month … with insurance of $100.00 per month, she arranged for me through her daughter, Hyata Bowers who works for Delta Air Lines as a flight attendant, to get me tickets using the BUDY Pass … saving me over $500.00 on my round trip airfare to Barcelona, Spain and back … with a 3 month window!  Can you say, “God is watching over me all the time!”?  I hope so … If not, I am a testimony to God’s love … who placed His hedge of protection around me to get this trip and on this trip, which is my birthday gift to myself for my 63rd birthday!  Viva Espana!

The city where I was able to procure an AirBnb housing at the last minute is called Sabadell in the region of Catalunya, Spain just a train ride outside of Barcelona.  Man, talking about pushing and never giving up until you get there … alone … with my favorite guardian Angel – Marietta Dolores Cook (RIP) – at my side the entire journey!?!?!  And trust me, there were moments when I said, “What the hell am I doing this for?”, especially when I dragged my rolling duffel bag, laptop and gym bag from the airport baggage area upstairs to get temporary WiFi so I could confirm my AirBnB reservation for 10 days after connecting my cell phone with “World Calling” from Metro PCS to my portable charger, since the current is different over here in Europe … And, I had purchased an electrical adapter stateside in The FTL to use in the walls and circuits here so I could write this e-mail … For the love of my readers … and myself!!!

Needless to say, I got lost on the trains, which are a cross between Grand Central trains and the subway system of NYC!!!  Yep, and I carried my laptop across my shoulder, rolled my humongous duffel bag while carrying my suit garment bag and a large “gym bag” which was a gift nearly 10 years ago from my German friend, Anja Malis, with this aging degenerative “osteoarthritic” hipped body from platform to platform, off the train stops to a taxi waiting to rip me off for 50 Euro since I was lost, whom I asked to take me back to the train platform for 5 Euro … after packing and unpacking my bags into the back of his taxi …. Can you say, “run on sentence”?!? And then, I re-navigated my way back to a familiar train stop, then asked a very kind woman in Spanish for help to my destination which she kindly and humbly provided information and guidance … I arrived at the train stop that my 65 year old hostess had provided and was waiting, cane in hand due to a knee replacement, to collect me at the top of the stairway of the train stop!  I slept off my “jet lag” after a plate of pasta and a can of Coca Cola … and am sitting here writing my first blog post and e-mail from Sabadell, Catalunya, Espana!

The Journey continues as I look for ways to visit the popular Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona as well as The Catedral of Barcelona and maybe a tavern or restaurant where I can get some “tapas”, local Spanish snacks, and a drink.

Have a great day, from me and EE … here in Catalunya, Espana!



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