What’s Up Now?!?

Happy Friday, All!

Are these Fridays coming faster or what?!?  So … T.G.I.F., y’all.  Life continues to roll, unfold … and some of it “ain’t pretty”!  My birthday was successful … no drama and no problems as I try to rid my life of those “unnecessary evils” nowadays.  So much love and kindness and well wishes came my way yesterday … a few are still dribbling in today, too.  Thank each of you who wished me well, my Creator at the top of the list!

I had a meeting with an investigator at Internal Affairs of the FLPD this week, as I had filed a formal complaint against the officer who sought to “punish” me for speaking up and supposedly “fail to use the sidewalk” when disembarking from a bus.  I was grateful that they followed up so quickly as I made it clear that I would be going out of town for a while in the next few days.  I wanted to do my part to emphasize the need of people involved in law enforcement to be civil to the citizens that they are supposed to “protect and serve”.  In my most recent situation on the 4th of July, I felt profiled and harassed and wanted to make it known and not run away and hide like a coward but instead do my part to effect a badly needed social change.  The two gentleman who took a sworn recorded statement were very professional though I had to make a few things clear, in particular the details of the statute that I was ticketed for: “Fail Use Sidewalk”.  I appreciate it when people give me an opportunity to express myself, which I do a fairly decent job of, and “hear me out”!  These folks who want to “talk over me” and try to use any angle they can to “put me down” have no place in my life today!

You really get a chance to see who your friends are when things are tough, as some disappear into the background … which I prefer.  No need for “fake friends” who think that they are “holier than thou” for some strange reason.  We ALL have “skeletons in our closets” ’cause ain’t nobody I have ever met an angel.  I must admit that my mother, Marietta Dolores, is the only human I know who comes close to being angelic!  I thank her for that excellent role model, who alongside my father, Isaac Henry Cook, who struggled with life’s journey for 80 years, raised me as best as they could!  Mom passed at 88 … so they both were around for quite some time to guide me on my journey!

As I look to the horizon of next week, I am passionately preparing for my trip.  Many of you have wished me well and, since we know that tomorrow ain’t promised to no one, I keep a humble posture and faith that my Creator will make this all possible.  I am doing my part.  I visited the orthopedic surgeon’s office yesterday to get some information to give to my health insurance provider regarding possible hip replacements when I return in a few months, God willing.  The urologist and I have decided to “take a break” from the worry associated with my prostate health and I continue to read and practice healthy mental recovery as well as beginning to adopt a healthier diet and a holistic approach to healing and living in general.

Glad to be here another year, as one friend from the Winbrook Projects where we grew up wished me yesterday, and a “happy new year”!  Now, “that’s what’s up”!  Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director


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