What Do We Have Here?!?


Happy Friday, All!

I’m going to say it again, and I will say it every chance I get … T.G.I.F!

Well, as it turns out, I had my urologist read my CT scan as well as my bone scan yesterday.  Good news!!!  No spread of cancer apparent in either scan!!  Wow, was I happy!! The scan also showed that both hips have the degenerative osteoarthritis … as the orthopedic surgeon’s x-rays showed.  Yes, yes, yes … my body is aging.  I think back just a few years ago when I played basketball with the young bucks at LA Fitness where I still work out and how I was able to turn easily with no pain, even jump relatively high!!  NOT NOW!  I remember my first year at SPS circa 1969 … I played three sports … football, basketball and track.  Did I have that much “wear and tear” on my body since those years?!?  Well, once again, I arrive at my level of gratitude, happy that I was able to play there at St. Paul’s, then freshman basketball at Princeton, even coached at White Plains High School for 5 years.  And now, I deal with the reality that I have lost that agility and strength as I work with my degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips as well as traces of cancer in my prostate.

The urologist and I had a heart to heart discussion after I told his physician assistant that I did not want to have the cystoscopy done.  He explained the options of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, none of which I am terribly interested in as I have begun to research holistic approaches to healing my prostate …  We talked about an injection to slow the production of testosterone which according to him is the first step in slowing the possible growth of cancerous cells in my prostate.  Once again, I appreciate any feedback that you may have.  I have been reaching out to a good friend in New York as well as gotten some great information from a holistic doctor here in Ft. Lauderdale.  I explained to the urologist that I wanted to take my trip to Europe before making any decisions.  The doctor confirmed that I have time to make a decision as the cancer is not aggressive, though present.  I did have the feeling, however, that he is strongly pushing me towards robotic surgery at some point in the near future though he said that I comfortably have six months to decide.  Feedback is welcomed from those in “the know”.

What think you about the mayhem in Germany surrounding the most powerful nations on the globe at the “G-20 Summit” in Hamburg?  What do you think the protesters are trying to tell the “world leaders”, so to speak?  What do you think about Kim Jong Un and his amplification of the production of nuclear missiles?  Drama on both national and international flights with erratic behavior being displayed by some passengers, staff and the planes themselves are catching fire in the air while full of passengers?  What think you about the execution style murder of an NYPD officer by a well known “cop hater”?  Sometimes … I remember my Dad’s infatuation with Louis “Satchamo” Armstrong’s song … “What A Wonderful World” … and I remember our relationship and his “love” for me and our family as I am grateful to be able to see on the horizon my 63rd birthday next week, July 13th … My Creator willing.

As you contemplate, perhaps, the state of “the world” as we know it, have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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