Do You Really Need Your Health Insurance?!?

It’s Hump Day again, y’all!

I hope all is going well for you … (Hint, hint, hint …)  I hope your health is good, ’cause if it ain’t … and this “health care bill” gets passed before you die (Trumpcare) … you stand a better chance of dying than getting healthy … unless you are very very wealthy!

Now, I just said it straight out … This is what “we” are faced with now that this guy is in office.  In other words, one of the most savvy and corrupt businessmen in this country just “baited and switched” on your arses!  That is of course, if you voted for him!  Is this how you “Make America great Again”?  We had an honorable president … the first of its kind … in office before this character … for two terms.  We the people … (some of us, at least) criticized him and his family, took every opportunity to attempt to defame him while the Republicans “blocked” every legislation that they could to make his presidency as difficult as possible … for TWO terms!!!  Why was that?  Was (is) he really as bad as “people” say?!?  Our current president, who has up until now, denied that Russia did any “meddling” in our election in 2016, is now blaming Obama for not having done enough to “punish” the Russian president (though he doesn’t know what Obama did!) after denying over and over that Russia had any involvement in cyber attacks on the parties’s data bases so he could scream like a baby that “the Dems just lost the election … the cyber attacks didn’t change the outcome of the election”!  Okay, given that “he” did NOT win the popular vote and he “won” the electoral college votes, after screaming over and over that the system was “rigged” because even HE thought that Hillary would win … wtf are you going to do NOW?!?  How about “sell” our health care system to the highest bidder!!?

Now, we have another very serious controversy where hundreds of millions of “needy” Americans stand to lose their health care under this character’s current proposal.  Now that he got “your” vote, he’s trying to make sure that you and your family suffer while not being able to afford the speculated costs of health insurance under his bill.  Now we get to see the “people” who voted for him squirm like the rest of us who had some idea that he was “up to no good”, as my parents used to say, as they BETTER hope and pray that their health insurance is not taken away if this horrible plan (Trumpcare) is put into effect.  I mean, this plan was put together in “secret sessions” and even some of the Republicans that previously supported Scrump can now see that their constituents will loose their health insurance, suffer … and die!!  Do you still believe that this how we “Make America Great Again”?!?  Get a grip on reality, please.

As we awaken each day to more and more of this character’s drama, I am hoping that some people wake up from their state of denial and realize that he is in it for the money …. his own money, which he has made more of through his resorts, restaurants and golf courses since becoming president … and his billionaire friends, one of which I heard was invited to one of the meetings yesterday after deciding to delay the vote.  Maybe … just maybe … there is a “God” … who is testing us to see if we realize … I use that term “we” loosely … that “we” have been “baited and switched” upon!!

Let’s “get over da hump” … together!


John I. Cook, Director

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