Home Grown Terrorist – The Police

Yeah … It’s Monday … and I know how most people feel about Mondays … So do I!  But … we’ve got work to do!

Last Friday, I didn’t submit an e-mail/blog post because I went for a CT scan and bone scan … It took all day, yet … I got ‘er done!  I became a bit emotional because I remembered that my Dad, “Big Ike”, had refused any treatment for cancer when he had it … I wondered why … So many appointments, so much money … But I decided that I am worth ALL that … and some!!  When I first got to the office, a young lady … black woman named “Sheena” … started telling me a few things as she led up to how much I must pay.  I didn’t reply.  Finally she said, “I don’t know if they told you but your part of these two exams is going to be … let me see … $950.00.  How much of that can you pay now?”  I looked at her and smiled, “Well I guess I will see y’all later ’cause I can’t pay anything right now!”  I had just filled out the “new patient” information pages and was handing her the clipboard back.  “I guess we’ll have to do this another time!” I headed straight for the door.  Quickly, she chimed in, “Well let me speak with the manager to see if we can still see you today.  We already have all of the medicine ordered and here, so …”  I said, “Go ahead and check and let me know.  Otherwise … I’ll see y’all later.”

I sat down and looked up at the sky (ceiling) and said, “I wonder why nobody told me how much this visit was going to be?”  … The office worker heard me and said, “It’s your insurance.”  I said, “Okay …”  Little did she know that I was fortunate enough to have ANY insurance at the ripe old age of 62 … And it is “Obamacare” as the haters call it!  If I didn’t have “Obamacare”, I wouldn’t know any of this stuff …. especially since I can’t afford a monthly premium of $620, which is what I was quoted unless I earned less than $16,000.00 per year.  I stopped working and am collecting only my social security pension and a small bit from New York State United Teachers.  It is not worth me working for one of these “hokie” poorly run call centers with “children” for managers who repeatedly tried to lower my self esteem because they didn’t go to or graduate from college …. and it damn sure wasn’t Princeton, Baby.  Damn right I am proud … Should I be ashamed?  No need to answer, I got the right one!  Finally Sheena said, “Okay, we are going to accept you today and give you the tests.  We will bill you for the amount owed.”  I did a double take … thought of “Big Ike” … took a seat and waited to be called.

After hearing that yet another law enforcement officer after Jeronimo Yanez who murdered Philando Castille last year was found not guilty by a jury … of … I don’t know what, I was once again disappointed … and reminded of the history of “some” law enforcement organizations.  When I wrote my first book, I did some research on the early corruption in police departments in major cities like Philadelphia and New York … even Boston!  There was segregation in the departments and the areas where merchant “pay offs” were highest for local police (yep, there were payoffs to local cops … just like today!) were “given” to white cops!  You don’t have to believe me … educate yourself and read it with your own two eyes, like I did!  America has entered a harsh “level” of denial of the inherent institutional racism and the growth of white supremacy as well as continued dismissal of charges against law enforcement officers who have killed multiple African American men … and women … many of them unarmed.  The latest was a dismissal of charges/mistrial for the armed security guard at the University of Cincinnati who shot an unarmed African American man, Mr. DuBose, in the HEAD after failing to take his keys from the ignition of DuBose’s car as he attempted to drive away from the overbearing officer who was wearing a t-shirt with the Confederate flag underneath his uniform that same day!!!  Wtf!!!  Tensing was an officer who had reportedly had “more” stops than any other officer working in the same capacity.  In other words, he was LOOKING for reasons to do … exactly what he did that day …. shoot a black man in the head … and kill him!  Our current president does NOT address ANY of these cases …. as President Obama did!

One observation … Driving While Black is extremely dangerous.  My Dad used to tell me stories of the police stopping the cars of black people in the racist “dirty south” and actually break their tail lights once the vehicle stopped!!!  The vehicles become traps and the officers become “armed terrorists” who feel that they have unlimited power to abuse whomever is in the vehicle that they stop!!!  Like I mentioned in a previous e-mail where I tried to elucidate the challenges in using the n-word, you really have to take it from me … a man who has lived in an African American body … for more than 60 years.  I’ve seen and heard it all.  Now that I am NOT driving “while black”, I feel more safe … though I know that they … these homegrown terrorists … are looking for excuses to detain me.  I try to give them NONE!

Have a great day, and a wonderful week.


John I. Cook, Director


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