Happy Father’s Day Weekend, Dads!

Happy Friday, All!

I am certainly prepared to give a hearty T.G.I.F. today … as I am everyday!  How about you?

This year’s Father’s Day has a special meaning for me for a variety of reasons.  Not only am I fortunate enough to be a grandfather, I am experiencing a greater love for my own Father – Isaac Henry Cook (RIP).  I confess that I do not remember the date that my father passed away, but I do remember the day vividly though it was over 25 years ago.  Many of us were able to grow up with both parents raising the children in our families while others have not been so fortunate.  I think about little episodes when my Dad was extremely kind to me though the overall picture I had of him while growing up was that he was a “no nonsense” kind of guy.  It is true that I went off to boarding school for my high school years and didn’t have the constant contact with my mother or father during those formative years.  The next thing I knew, I was going off to college, fortunately again, and a pretty decent one at that!  It was like a whirl wind for  me and I was able to maintain enough of a balance to graduate from both St. Paul’s School as well as Princeton University.  I had my “ups and downs” and give tremendous credit to my parents for supporting me emotionally through what was a very “tender” time of my life.  I will always remember the very first “Parent’s Day Weekend” at St. Paul’s when we had a football game.  I was playing for Coach Maurice Blake and the “Paulies” football team and just happened to look up in the stands and saw BOTH of my parents!!!  “Mary” and “Big Ike” surprised me because I wasn’t sure that they were coming all the way from White Plains, NY to Concord, NH, nor when they were coming.  I can only say that I was extremely grateful for their continued support throughout my journey.  Now, I don’t know if I lived up to their expectations … but I did my best … and continue to do so, to the best of my ability.  Even now, as I plan to take a trip to Europe starting with Spain for my birthday in July, I keep them both very close and have their teachings and love deep within my heart.  I hope that I can be a decent father myself to my only child, Ayanna Lynne.

So, to my Father, I want to wish him “all the way up” there in Heaven … a loving, respectful heart-wrenching Father’s Day.  As well, I want to wish all of my friends all over the world … and “Dads” in general … a Happy Father’s Day!  We all know that each of us got here because someone … somewhere … fathered us!

Have a great Father’s Day Weekend … and do something nice, say something regal … for your fathers!


John I. Cook, Director

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