Who Do You Work For??!


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

I just want to thank those of you who take a minute to write back … just to give me your thoughts as well as pertinent information that I can use.  Thank you … Gary Hodder, Esq.; Dr. Karen Hurley; and Kathleen Bowie as well as Linda Fairchild!  You folks keep my heart beating …

My most recent e-mails/blog posts have been about me with a touch of what’s going on in the world today, as I weave that into my quirky style of writing.  The friends I have made over the years never cease to amaze me.  This entire e-mail “family” consists of exactly that – folks I have met over the years!  Some of us “stay in touch” while others prefer not to, which is fine with me.  Yet, the most recent developments in our nation’s capitol continues to baffle me and continues to make me wonder, “How do we repair a broken government, shell-shocked with representatives that WE the people voted for who seem to think that their self interests are more important than those interests of the people of this nation?”

I was at the gym yesterday, finishing up my workout and we got to chatting in the jacuzzi about if “Jeff Sessions” testimony was being aired today.  I thought that it had already been “aired” until one good friend said, “No, I think it is today!”  So after swimming a few laps with my German friend Hans who likes to use his lane for snorkel swimming, I shaved and showered and as I was getting dressed where we have 3 televisions in between the rows of locker, I watched some of the live presentation.  When I got back to the hostel, I watched it in its entirety as we have this “Dish” system that repeats the main news stories over and over.  All I could say was “Wow, Jeff Sessions!”  Here is a man who jailed African Americans in Alabama who fought for their right to vote … and he is touting his “over 30 years of loyal service to America in Congress”.  Here is a man who said, “I never had any conversations with any Russians at any time before, during or after the presidential election” … until he was shown pictures of himself at those very meetings he attended with Russian diplomats.  I listened to him talk about “executive privilege” which he doesn’t have but kept referring to in defense of himself and the president so that he would NOT have to disclose to the Congressional session exactly what he said to the president regarding “Russian interference” in the USA’s presidential election.

A few of the members of Congress, jumped in with both feet into Session’s phony charade of loyalty to the nation, asking him to provide documentation of these things that “he couldn’t remember”!  One representative grilled him over and over, it was an African American woman (I didn’t write her name down) asking what this “privacy clause” was that he kept citing as to why he couldn’t repeat what was said between he and the president regarding what “the people” also have the right to know!  The same people who voted these characters … well some who voted for these self-serving egomaniacs … have the right to know EXACTLY WHAT “you” are doing with our country!  It is like a few of these political representatives have become tyrants in their own right!  Meanwhile, the story unfolds regarding both Maryland and Washington, DC suing the current president for mixing his profits in the luxurious hotels and resorts in those areas with his personal brand while he “serves” … and I use that term loosely … as the nation’s 45th president!  I think many of us, who know what it means, have had enough of this “stonewalling” when asking our representatives what they are actually doing with our country!

Carry on!


John I. Cook, Director

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