The Story Continues to Unravel . . .


Yes, I know … it’s Monday!

Let’s get going!  I know some of you are surprised because I stopped doing Monday e-mails/blog posts.  Friday, I had one of those mornings … my first e-mail didn’t “save” and I had to restart the computer and didn’t check it before sending it … only half of it had saved … the first half!  Always hit “save”, I am saying to myself again though that doesn’t usually happen to me!!

So, the second half of the e-mail that no one saw talked about how I had gotten a lot of information from the guys at the gym … Shucks, even one older woman who does pool work when I am in the jacuzzi and swimming told me that she got both hips replaced … and glad that she had the surgery!  In so far as my urologist goes, I am sensing some inconsistency.  When I got to his office Friday, it turned out that I was supposed to go somewhere else to get the CAT scan and that I had already had the bone scan done when they x-rayed my hips for the pains I have had, which turned out to be degenerative osteoarthritis.  So, they had to reschedule me and I am glad that they did.  The urologist needs the CAT scan and bone scan before he sees me.  The secretary scheduled me for the CAT scan at another location on June 23rd.  She kept mentioning some test that I never heard of … When I asked what it was, she said it is a camera going into my penis to look for tumors!!!  I was like … glad it is NOT today …. I don’t think I will have that done.  Sounds like an insurance money making procedure rather than something I need done!!  Very intrusive, too!  Last time any doctor did anything like this was to check me for STDs … and that was with a cue tip!  Just the thought of a camera being inserted in my private doesn’t sit well at all with me.  I think I’ll pass unless someone can give me a good reason for it … I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Susie Q. Wood who gifted me an incredible book entitled, “Cancer Report”: The Latest Research How Thousands are Achieving Permanent Recoveries.  It is, in essence, An Instruction Manual Including: Patients Personal Recovery Guide, Comprehensive Support & Resource Directory, Inspirational Success Stories, Worksheet Pages for Personal Notes.  The authors are John R. Voell and Cynthia A. Chatfield with numerous contributions from other doctors and institutes.  Thank you, “Susie Q”!

The weekend was rather fun as a college chum and long time friend came into town for a friend of his who got married.  We hung out at my favorite spot – Capone’s – watched the NBA Playoff Final’s game and had a few adult beverages!  Vetalle Fusilier and I have been in touch through cyberspace and mail, as he sent me a sample of an oil to help me sleep.  He also gave me the idea for my third book … which I need to work on again in the near future.  My plan is to stay at this hostel until I depart for Barcelona next month on or around the 19th of July.  It’s not really like home and something is always going on!  I stick to my routine with the gym for yoga and water stuff so I am out a lot.  One day, I came back and a guy had left … He took my cologne with him as well as the other 4 or 5 people’s food stuff from the refrigerator.  Just yesterday, I went to grab some dress pants from the closet … and they were gone, too!!  Crazy, right?!!  So much for hostel living here in the USA.  I hope it doesn’t turn out to be like this in Europe!!

So former FBI Director James Comey spoke about our current president and their relationship!  I can’t believe that this type of stuff is happening in the American government.  It is ridiculous … I have an adjective that I was going to use before the word “ridiculous” but I think most of you can guess what that word would be …. or insert your own!!  It might be the same one I was thinking of!!

Enjoy your week!


John I. Cook, Director

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