“To Be .. or Not To Be?!?”


Happy Hump Day, y’all!

The world continues to spin … nearly out of control!  When was the last time we had a president come in to office and have so much “drama” taking place … over and over each day?!  I really don’t remember but at the same time, I doubt that this is “healthy” for our country, our world … our children and your children’s children.  There are more questions … than answers!!!

So, tomorrow, fired FBI chief James Comey will speak to Congress regarding the relationship that he had with the current president.  The word on “The Hill” is that the current president and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, are not on good terms!  We have numerous issues on Capitol Hill, not to mention a great number of issues spinning world-wide with the current president’s latest tweet attack on London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, where he mis-interprets what the mayor actually said!!  His game playing “politicking” comments in response to many events like this is making him look more and more ignorant as he can’t even get what he hears correct!!  He is now forcing his “alternate reality” on the words of other people, leaders of other cities and countries … and they are not very happy and are commenting back, casting a not so favorable light on the current US president.  Can you say, “drama, on top of drama … on top of drama”?  Now if we begin to include the multiple events of Trump charities and the channeling of funds BACK to Trump businesses, as well as nearly $300,000.00 in monies given to a Trump business from a source in Saudi Arabia, we find even more smoke.

The latest event focusing on “leaks” from National Security Agency worker, Reality Winner, has become even more controversial than the events surrounding Edward Snowden, who now has asylum in Russia!  Winner is purportedly going to claim that she is “not guilty” because the information that she leaked SHOULD be information available to the American citizenry.  Donald Trump, Jr. is now in defense mode of his father as his hands are involved in the Trump brand businesses as well as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and the “secret communications system” with Russia purportedly proposed by Kushner.  Can you see the drama yet?!  Have you become accustomed to all of this drama … in our nation’s federal government?!?  I am sure that this has never occurred before in our nation’s history and undoubtedly will hopefully … never occur again.  At some point, just because of the incredible amounts of drama, conflict of interests, lies and deceit, the nation’s Congress MUST entertain impeachment.  We have already become a scary laughing stock internationally as this character continues spinning imbalanced programs, ie. infrastructure repairs, privatizing of security agencies …  How much more are we willing to endure?  Have we become captive citizens in a democracy that is being bent in unfathomable shapes by this “non-stop talking” family of business persons?!?

Is it pretty clear who these people are … what they want … and how they are doing it?!?  We must each ask ourselves, “To be … or not to be?”  What is your answer?

Have a great Hump Day …


John I. Cook, Director

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