Wait for It . . .


Happy Friday, All!

Once again, I have to put my two cents in to T.G.I.F.!

You know, the more I live … the more I learn!  How about you?  Or are you one of those people who knows everything about everything?  Don’t get me wrong because I believe that confidence in oneself is very important.  Yet, I also believe that we live in a world today full of deception where everyone … well … let me stop there … where many people think they know the answer to everything.  Case in point: climate control.  I actually had to look up the general ideas contained within the Paris Agreement … simply because … I only know or knew that it was an agreement between the major nations of the world to attempt to curtail, limit or control the elements that atmospherically threaten the Earth’s continued existence for our safe survival as a species.

After my brief research, I discovered that the core of the “Agreement” is to encourage and hold accountable major industrial nations to charge companies with building clean energy techniques and for countries to develop climate resilient economies that will not threaten the longevity of the human species.  Feel free to write me back and correct if I am way off base.  I usually understand stuff but sometimes I cannot explain it as well as the authors who wrote the articles I read!  Do you think that the United States should be concerned with and/or held responsible to limit the emissions of “green house gases” like carbon/carbon dioxide?  It seems that the goal of the “Agreement” is multi-fold, focusing on raising 100 billion dollars and creating a forum for scientists and researchers to brainstorm ways to curtail the “green house” effect that is apparently threatening the balance of life on the planet, including crops and air, as well as strange climate trends like “El Nino” which directly threaten humanity.

I mean, if we withdraw from the “Paris Agreement” as a nation, what does that say for America’s concern with the aforementioned?  Yet, it is true that if the current president is NOT re-elected, the then newly elected president of 2020 has the option of re-instating our involvement in the program.  I mean, and I won’t say it again, what are we waiting for?!?

Again, as we all know, no one is perfect but if we “wait for it …”, we are only awaiting our own demise.  “Just Do It”!  Enjoy your weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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