Happy Mother’s Day Weekend


It’s Friday, Y’all!

I am feeling pretty good today, considering that my Mother won’t be here “in the flesh” for Mother’s Day Weekend!  Yet, those who know me know that she lives in  my heart.  So, at this time, if you are reading this, and, if you are a Mother, Happy Mother’s Day!!  If you are reading this, and your Mother is alive, wish her a hearty Happy Mother’s Day.  I could tell you why, but I won’t!  You can figure this one out!

Mothers are the soul of our world … human civilization … no matter where you find it.  Simply said, without mothers, we don’t have a vehicle to continue humanity!  I am very grateful to have been raised by a wonderful mother and father, and remember them both fondly … May they rest in peace!  I went to church with the two of them and learned what I consider spiritual values.  I am more of a spiritual person today because of them.  One of my mother’s favorite songs was “How Great Thou Art”.  She taught me to recite the 23rd Psalm in times of trouble and to recite “The Lords Prayer” when times were good … or challenging.  I still find comfort in the two of them to this very day.

So as you celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend, try not to focus only on the material things.  Be grateful that you have a mother to adore!


John I. Cook, Director

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