Is This How Government is Run?!? “You’re Fired!”


Happy Hump Day, y’all!

I am just about ready to enjoy the day, my friends, in rare form!  I am still tutoring a group of three students for a couple more weeks at High Score Academy in Pembroke Pines.  Yes, as well, I am still pulling the pieces of the puzzle together so I can travel abroad in July.  It is exciting … and it is challenging.  Many of you probably know the spiritual axiom that, “When you are trying to do something good, the forces of evil are surrounding you!”  Over the years of my life, including challenges and successes, I have learned to trust more in my Creator than in anyone or anything else.  Yet, there are some bright spots, if you will, like the owner of High Score Academy who has given me an opportunity to earn some much needed cash!  Thank you, Jiwon … and My Creator!

Are you all “enjoying the show”?  I am in awe at how things have been “going down” … emphasis on “down” … in our current government.  Is this for real?!?  Each day, it looks more and more like a reality show mocking the American government and its institutions.  It seems that this is a scripted performance by the president to boost his ratings as … well, uhh … not sure … but I will let each of you finish the statement as you wish.

So, as we all have seen, the head of the FBI, Mr. Comey, has been fired by the president!!  The reasoning spins and spins as the insults are hurled back and forth like on a television program!!  Can anyone else see it … or is it just me?!?  The statement given by the president was something to the effect that “Comey had to be fired in order to restore public confidence in the FBI” …  Did he do something wrong?!?  That is usually the reason that people are fired, right?!?  Comey conducted an investigation into the e-mails and activities associated with Hillary Clinton last year and found no “legally punishable behavior”.  Now, Comey was beginning an investigation into the possible ties of the Trump administration with the Russians during the election, and as evidenced by Mike Flynn’s firing, any illegal ties either financially or politically, of the Trump administration to Vladimir Putin and his cohorts before the election.  I don’t know about you, but I think the hiring of an independent special prosecutor/investigator into the aforementioned allegations would be a better idea other than letting Rudy Guiliani or Chris Christy conduct anything … not even a high school orchestra!!  Most people are speculating that the “new” head of the FBI will be someone affiliated with or aligned with the Trump administration.  It appears that we have lost control of “our” government … and this reality show is proving that we are no longer a nation of “…. we the people ….”, and this is a first for a so-called Western democracy.

Shall we sit back and enjoy the show … or … like so many are doing with organized protests … should we challenge this budding tyranny of a near dictatorship?!?  Choose wisely, please …


John I. Cook, Director

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