Check Your Mental Health


It’s Hump Day, y’all!

I want to say a “Happy Hump Day” but I am still reeling a bit from the story of Stephen Stevens who shot and killed a grandfather, Robert Godwin, Sr. … in Cleveland, OH … because he and his girlfriend split up!!  This event earned this “psychopath” the title of “Facebook Murderer” … peace be still!

Well, it seems that Stephen told his mother before he went out on this “deadly rampage” that she would probably never see him again.  Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, that would be a “red flag”.  It is a clear indication that the person telling you this is mentally unstable, and you should contact the authorities immediately … even if it is your son!!!  There have been many studies done on the American population that indicate that many of us suffer from various forms and degrees of mental illness.  While it may be somewhat embarrassing to admit that ones son or daughter, husband or wife suffers from mental illness, but it seems to be a consequence of our society, and therefore, the stigma attached should be minimized if not erased completely.  There should be no shame in saving peoples lives, especially the innocent victims of these heinous crimes, “your” loved ones included.

Prince Harry, who lost his mother, Princess Dianna, when he was just 12 years old, has decided to go public with his bouts with mental illness as he sought to overcome depression and self doubt that he experienced.  Even his brother, Prince William, had a “facetime” conversation with Lady Gaga as they both opened up to the importance of letting folks know that you are experiencing depression and/or bouts with mental illness so that one can get the proper help.  We as a society have witnessed people like the beloved Robin Williams who purportedly committed suicide during one of his bouts with depression.  Who would have guessed that one of the funniest men alive then … would NOT be happy at some point, and want to end his life?!  It is no secret that many of our musical superstars including Michael Jackson and more recently “Prince” were having sleep issues and took tremendously powerful drugs to sedate their uneasiness.

Now, there are more and more incidents of regular people who are falling through the cracks as they suffer from mental challenges related to common things in life like breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend.  We can not as a society make it acceptable to kill someone because we have split up with our mate … or anything else like that.  So, please, make it a priority to check your mental health as well as the mental health of a loved one or associate.  Make it your responsibility to save as many peoples’s lives by “saying something”.


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Linda Fairchild
    Apr 19, 2017 @ 19:41:22

    Brilliant post!



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