Happy Good Friday and Passover


It’s Friday, y’all … and it’s Good Friday, too!

Can we say, “T.G.I.F.”!?!  Passover began this past Monday evening as the Jewish celebrate having been freed from slavery in ancient Egypt!  I guess however we choose to look at it, so-called “Pagan Holiday” or not … it can still be a spiritual time!

It is interesting as I look at the world … you know … we are all caught up in somebody else’s dream it seems.  Some of us may enjoy exactly where “we” are at, what sometimes for me is best described as “a ball of confusion”.  I am just NOT one of those spirits that can say, “Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it so I will just go along with everything and everybody else.”  Not only do I believe that I have an activist’s heart and spirit, some things just shouldn’t be “gone along with”!  That concept of a “ball of confusion” is borrowed from the popular singing group from back in my day “The Temptations” who often used their platform as R & B super stars to include themes of “positivity” in regards to social issues ranging from suicide to drug addiction to the state of world affairs.  The way I see it, we are in troubling times … one group of humans developing missiles and bombs to drop on “fellow humans” while another group of human beings is dropping bombs on tunnels and airstrips used by still a third group of “human beings” who believe that it is their job to “destroy humanity”, so it seems.  Shall we just “go along with the self destruction”?!?  Indeed it is problematic for the entire world not to mention babies being born each day in all parts of this near devastated planet!

We are living in a world designed by “humans”, and, keep in mind, everything we experience and feel quite often is part of someone else’s dream for humanity and our planet Earth … and indeed it is troubling to see that it revolves around power, money … and destruction!  Our modern day concept of “construction” is about building more and more structures to put on TOP of the Earth’s surface after we take things from the Earth’s interior like iron ore, coal … even diamonds … and attempt to “construct” things that “we” like from the tallest buildings on the planet to shiny rings for our fingers made from what we call the most “precious” stones in the world!!  Are we “humans” not precious enough to exalt to a higher level of devotion and care?!?  Are we destined to abandon our OWN spirituality for material things that WE humans create … and worship … as opposed to worshiping each other and our Creator?!?

In these next few days of Passover, Good Friday and Easter … may we take a moment to think about how we might improve the smaller realms of our individual realities to make “our” individual lives more meaningful.  Try not to feed into the madness as it appears to be accelerating our own demise … as human beings … not to mention the continued destruction of our temporary home Planet Earth!

Peace be with you,


John I. Cook, Director

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