My One And Only


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Now, for me, this isn’t just any old “hump day”.  It is a very special one as it is the birthday of my “one and only” child – my daughter, Ayanna Lynne!  Are any of you like … “only children” for one or more of your parents?!  It is an interesting feeling for me.  Sometimes, I feel like it is my only life line to this world.  Many of you know how sentimental I can get … and this is why I write.  I don’t write to try to be the best writer ever, nor to get accolades for whatever awards there might be for a particular writing style.  I write to express my feelings, maybe to get folks to feel something like I feel … or to get folks to feel anything at all!

My daughter is more of a private person than I am, although we are similarly cordial to close friends and family.  She is also very opinionated and has her own personality shaped by her own desires and her abilities to cope with life as it happens to her.  I am very proud of her … I have never had to get her out of any circumstances that were life threatening like being a gang member or addicted to drugs or alcohol.  She is a trooper in the truest since of the word.  She is very helpful, thoughtful and honest … perhaps sometimes, too honest!  She got that from both me and her mother, from whom I have been apart (divorced) since Ayanna was around 4 years of age.  Just the other day, she and her son, my grandson, Caleb Isaac, had gotten a visit from her mother and I was texting Ayanna and Caleb as I try to do each day, since they live in Connecticut and I am here in SoFlo.  I sent her a text saying that I am sure that her mother nor I thought that we would ever be grandparents … and we are … thanks to her!!  Her mother agreed!  Caleb will be 2 this year on October 19th and Ayanna is 35 today.

As I said, she tries to be helpful and has “shown me love” in various ways.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a doctor’s appointment and the co-pay was high for me … like $80.00 and I had several other bills to pay simultaneously.  I was assigned a specialist – a urologist – to see to further investigate a reading from my blood work.  I haven’t had these kinds of bills in a while since I haven’t had health or dental nor vision insurance in several years.  I also had to get x-rays for my hips and lungs as part of the annual check up …  She asked me if I could “handle it”, and I told her that I thought I could.  She chimed in, “If you need some help, let me know!”  As usual, I thought I had it all covered, and … in come two more bills that I had miscalculated and I needed a bit of help of like $50.00.  So, early Friday morning since I had to see the specialist the following Monday for x-rays, I sent Ayanna a text asking if she could help me out.  She said, “Sure!”  I was elated.  I am glad to have a daughter, who, serving as a single parent herself, is doing well enough to help “the old man out”!

So, in closing, I am once again expressing gratitude … and wishing my “one and only child” a Happy Birthday!  I love you, kiddo!


John I. Cook, Director

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