Everybody’s Working “The Room”!


Happy Friday, All!

You know that I always like to T.G.I.F.!!  I have so much to be grateful for …

This morning, I had a doctor’s appointment and everything was pretty much routine for my annual checkup which I haven’t had in over two years.  Back a couple years ago, I found that this pain I have had in first one hip, then the other … was called osteoarthritis.  The doctor who I had two years ago prescribed tramadol which made me itch and scratch like a heroin junkie …  The doctor then prescribed diclofenac instead.  Needless to say, I ran out of tablets and then no longer had insurance nor a doctor!  This past February after retiring and making less money, which made me eligible, I got medicaid through “Obamacare” and was assigned an insurance company and a doctor.  Recently,  I got a prescription for diclofenac with potassium to alleviate the pain and swelling.  I have also been doing the natural stuff – smoothies with green stuff and ginger, tumeric, krill oil and glucosamine with chondroitin – and had some relief … but not enough.  The diclofenac came in handy so that I could walk with more ease and increase my range of motion in my hips.  It’s a process, including yoga three times a week coupled with sitting in the jacuzzi for a half hour, swimming 6 -10 laps each time I practice yoga and revisiting the jacuzzi before showering and shaving and putting magnesium oil and Arnica pain relief oil on my hips.   The doctor said that my iron level is low, prescribed an iron supplement and said I need to see a urologist to make sure I don’t have prostate issues.  I am scheduled to see one in two weeks.

As I look at the international arena, which seems like a “comedy room” as they were called back in my amateur comedian days, I see so many politicians that really look like freaking comedians … if they think that people aka “citizens of the world” actually believe them.  Does anyone remember when we were kids and used to get together to play … be it a sport or just a curb-side game of marbles or stick ball??  Didn’t we play to have fun?  We used to laugh and yell, scream for the home runs and touchdowns and be sad if someone got hurt in the action … maybe even help them off the playing field.  It was fun and enjoyment that we were seeking, peak physical condition, high performance … and competition played a part in that, right!?!  I don’t remember us wanting to kill anyone, even if the coach said, “Hey, hit that quarterback hard when you tackle him so he knows what to expect each time he touches that ball!”  We knew we were competing, we had referees to manage the fairness and level of contact … shucks we even lined up and shook hands after our matches and games!  What ever happened to good sportsmanship in “real life”?!?  Why did we learn all that stuff anyways?!?  Why do we … allow our leaders to get so competitive that they want to kill someone, destroy a country, ruin the oceans, seas and land that WE live on?!?  Where are they “leading” us?  Since we “let them get away with it”, they continue to do it … over and over again. WHAT are we waiting for?  I know that the leaders have amassed power and wealth and at this point, it is hard to pull back on our support of them and the society that we have allowed them to establish.  Now a lot of folks accept a lot of things … but this type of leadership I refuse to respect and accept.  The leaders of countries like Syria, North Korea, Russia … even China … seem to be more focused on amassing more wealth, power, property and “land” … sad story … rather than enhancing the lives of the citizens of each country!!  Is that really “leadership”, folks?!  Maybe we should gear our educational programs to “turn this sh@t” around!!!  I refuse to sit back idly and accept this … so at least … I write about it … even speak about it when possible!

Just last night, I was on the phone with a college chum who lives in DC.  Man, we talked about everything from health remedies to what he’s been up to and the fact that he is meeting up with some other college chums from our alma mater who still stay in touch.  They are going to see an NBA game this weekend in the DC area, the team is The Washington Wizards, and have a good time!  I got to thinking, maybe we can teach these so-called “leaders” how to meet up to have fun and discuss ways to improve our world rather than to destroy it!!  I like to reach out to people and exchange “warm fuzzies” whenever possible!  Did you ever wish we could change the direction of our world?  I do ….  Let’s see what we can do to spread our beliefs, our concepts of leadership … our love!


John I. Cook, Director

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