This Ain’t No Video Game!!!


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Yes, I know, some days don’t look so happy … of course, it depends on what you’re looking at for your happiness.  Last Friday, I took a break from writing a piece as I was a bit “under the weather” when I woke up.  I wanted to include something relevant and was exhausted criticizing the current administration.  “Welp”, those type of comments is what is fueling nearly everything on social media and network television and radio news stations … across the world!  Even “ISIS” has chimed in on what they think of the current president, referring to him merely as “an idiot”!  Not don’t get this twisted in “YOUR” head, and I use that term figuratively, I think anyone or anything associated with “ISIS” is idiotic, so … try not to deduce that I am an ISIS supporter by using the popular “Trumpesque ignorance”!

Yesterday, April 4th, marks the 49th Anniversary … peace be still … of the assassination of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.  For many of us, it was a day of tragedy, a day of tremendous loss for humanity … a day exemplifying “man’s inhumanity toward man” … for a peaceful icon of our age.  RIP, Dr. King, as the world is still in violent turmoil … and there are those “in power” who seek to reverse the very dream you professed and advocated!  Yet, I am sure that you know that our nation and the world was graced with seeing the first African American POTUS in Barack H. Obama, and the first African American First Lady in Michelle Obama and their beautiful daughters, Sasha and Malia, comprised a most distinguished First Family of these United States of America!!  So, Dr. King, your “dream” continues as we can see the consciousness of many Americans of ALL ethnic backgrounds has been awakened by two terms of service by President Barack Obama.

This new administration has taken a nearly “360 degree” opposite approach to what President Obama has done.  Many people can see that the current president is simply an “anti-Obama” person as his closest confidantes have been discovered to embrace a nationalist, white supremacist platform catering to white men in “big business”, ignoring social reform, environmental protection and the development of the arts. He has demonstrated that he is a mere puppet of Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist, and what lurks in the background as what appears to be a close connection to lenders with ties to Russian oil mafia.  One may never know as the president still has not released his tax returns for the most recent and relevant years, and, it will require extensive investigation to “prove” that there are ties to Vladimir Putin and the Russian oil mafia, not to mention “Blackwater”, a clandestine group of individuals led by Secretary of Education, Betty DeVos’s brother, Erik Prince!  Just seeing this makes my skin crawl, considering the FACT that so many Americans who voted for the current president had NO KNOWLEDGE of these alleged ties … and are now like many folks, looking for excuses to save their pride and allow these highly suspect characters to ruin our nation’s progress!!

As more and more violence erupts all over the world and in our cities, including the apparent use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria – 75 or more women and children … and counting – and North Korean dictator, Kim Jung-un, continues testing missiles right in the face of the Trump administration, the current administration seeks to focus more on the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and the continued battle cry of “repeal and replace Obamacare”!  I am getting a little worried about the competence and ability of the president to multi-task and focus on more than one or two major issues at a time.  He constantly criticized President Obama for “telling” the enemy what he was going to do, while he himself simply says things like, “This is terrible!” or “This is horrible!” … maybe even “This is unacceptable!”  Let’s see what his secret strategy is, if any, in handling international affairs and simultaneously handling extremely important domestic issues.  He and VP Pence are even beginning to blame President Obama for the chemical weapons used in Syria recently while these two characters are running (ruining?!?) the government!!!  Really?!?

Pray for America … pray for the world!


John I. Cook, Director

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