Can You See Clearer Yet?!?


Happy Friday, All!

I am going to “Play it again, Sam” … and, “T.G.I.F.”!!

First of all, I would like to take a moment of silence for those injured and lost due to the cowardly behavior of a man who felt it was his “purpose in life” to attack, kill and terrorize as many people as possible in the City of London.  (Take a moment, if you haven’t already…)  The sad thing for me is how this guy, as well as many other self proclaimed terrorists, was already on the radar in England for “suspected terrorist activity”.  Do you remember the young guy who claimed he heard voices and the government was controlling his mind BEFORE he left Alaska on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale?  Sure, they took his gun away, and then gave it back to him, which he then disassembled, caught a plane to Florida and then reassembled it in the bathroom and came out “blazing” in Fort Lauderale/Hollywood International Airport!

Okay, so … meanwhile, back at the ranch, we see probably one of the most controversial presidents since Abraham Lincoln, who actually did something controversial but very good for “the people” of America, trying to continue with “sales pitches” to get what HE wants to run a country.  This character actually says, “I am very good at making deals!”  If you ask me, he sounds about as hypocritical as a “businessman” making a sales pitch to buy a “slave” … or another human being just like him!!  How do you “make deals” with other people’s lives!?!  While America clearly was started as a business of joint stock companies, it evolved into a democracy which was supposed to include protecting and safeguarding “the inalienable rights” of all human beings in this country.  Now, we have some politicians who state that they want to run the country according to “the constitution written by the founding fathers” …. Don’t forget a LOT of things have changed in terms of human evolution … and those “inalienable rights” outlined in that constitution have evolved quite a bit!!  So, to run a country on the premises of a somewhat archaic set of laws drawn up in 1776 to a population of people who have evolved over more than 200 years is simply ignorant!  Many laws have been changed or added based on our human evolution and our understanding of those “inalienable rights”.

Many former supporters of the current president, including politicians in his OWN “party” (I detest that word!), have come to see that his plethora of lies and deception, his tendency to “make deals” and outright “bully” those who don’t agree with him as he attempts to govern a very diverse population in this country, are not becoming of a “president”.  Maybe it works for a business owner where you can violate people’s rights until brought before a court, if possible.  Over the past few months, not only has the current president attempted to put down and demonize his predecessor, President Barack Obama, he has attempted to disguise what he has called “Obamacare” (as if it is a nasty word and law) and renamed it The American Healthcare Act and “sell” it to his OWN political cohorts.  I was convinced that he wasn’t a presidential person when I heard the tape about “grabbing women by their pu**ies” and that he would kiss them when he wanted to, not to mention his constant calling of his competition in the presidential race “Crooked Hillary” when he hadn’t … and still hasn’t … revealed his income tax returns so that the American people can determine if he has been engaged in business activities which may be a “conflict of interest” for the leader of ANY country, especially in the one in which he is trying to “wheel and deal” (sounds so dishonest) legislation!!  Even his own party representatives on the local, state and national level are rejecting his purported American Healthcare Act, which is actually what he calls the dreaded “Obamacare” in many ways, in disguise!  Can you see clearer now!?  Some of “them” can!!  These other people, including politicians, can’t ALL be wrong!

Have a great weekend … and use your intellect … not your hostilities and hatred … and you will fare better … We ALL will!


John I. Cook, Director

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