Is There A War in America Against Blacks and The Poor?!?


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Now, I know there is a lot going in the world, and especially in this country!  Historically, there has been a war waged by “the rich” against “the poor”.  At the beginning of the French Revolution (1789 – 1799) some of you may recall that Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake!” as the poor people were surrounding the castle complaining about their impoverished state of living and lack of food.  Those of us who have studied history know how the people responded to that!  Guillotines were the popular form of execution during that time, and many a “rich” person suffered the fate of that instrument of death.  When I listen to our current president touting his representation of “the conservative wishes for America”, it has a familiar sound.  Cutting health care for the poor, putting an end to funding for arts programs that help keep “poor youth” off the streets and provide them with glimmers of hope to become a part of America … and considering programs like “Meals on Wheels” as a program that “sounds nice, but isn’t necessary”, it seems very much like “Let them eat cake!”.  Or, “We don’t care about you poor folks”!  Those who argue that poor people think they are entitled need to check how much money is GIVEN to politicians in Washington, DC and their families AFTER they leave office, not to mention how much they get while purportedly “serving the people” …

According to the “The Health Ranger”, Mike Adams, a similar war is being waged (and has been for a long time!) against “black people” in this country.  A good friend of mine from childhood, Gordon Derouseau, sent me a link highlighting Mike Adams and his information indicating that “black people” and the poor are actually targets of the health care industry (or lack of it) as demonstrated with the intentional lead poisoning of water in places like Flint, MI and formerly in Washington, DC which is and holds a predominantly “black” populace.  Adams claims that the lead, in staggering amounts, was placed in the water system there in an effort by “those in power” to contaminate the water.  The lead has debilitating effects on those who consume the water like “dumbing them down” (mentally and physically) and creating deadly results for those who consume the water.  According to this information, there have been several arrests of people responsible for allowing this to take place in Flint.

As well, Adams claims, similar “attacks on blacks” have been launched regarding epidemics of cancer in targeted communities, usually inhabited by blacks and “the poor”.  Some of Adams’s claims include the incorrect diagnosis of African Americans as having cancer when they didn’t, and the bilking of medicare/medicaid benefits in treatment of these same people (poor blacks) who had been intentionally diagnosed.  Adams mentions a doctor who was actually arrested when some “whistle blowers” in the hospital where he worked identified him as doing this “dastardly deed” for health benefit money!!  A similar quagmire of medical ineptness was discovered in Black communities where diabetes is rampant.  It had been discovered that the food products popular in these communities were either of poor quality and contained ingredients that heightened the risk of developing diabetes for these populations.  Adams goes further, suggesting that the “violent tendencies” of blacks who attack other “blacks” is somewhat engineered by the medical community poisoning them and mentally conditioning them to be angry and kill … and apparently hate each other!!  This is in conjunction with the urban engineering of overcrowding and the loss of programs to help these populations overcome the “elements intentionally placed in their communities” (not to mention the influx of guns into these communities!) that expedite the deterioration of the social fabric of these communities.  Our current president suggests that increasing police presence resembling “martial law” are the best answers to correcting this “deterioration” intentionally engineered by some in the medical industry, including “Big Pharma”, in conjunction with local politicians attempting to eliminate programs that have helped these poor populations in cities across America!

While I was fortunate enough to get assistance from programs like the Urban League and summer camp programs sponsored by The Salvation Army in my hometown of White Plains, NY (not to mention summer camp programs in “upstate New York” that we attended sponsored for the urban poor), there are many many other more impoverished populations in cities way larger and more impoverished than White Plains where heroin and crack epidemics mysteriously appeared causing death and destruction. Now, I promised my friend Gordon with whom I grew up in The Winbrook Projects of White Plains that I would put together something regarding the link that he sent to me.  So, I know that I have friends and readers who may have their own “takes” on and/or feedback regarding this piece where I am suggesting that “blacks” and the poor are being targeted by the same institutions that are supposed to be alleviating and treating certain debilitating conditions that many politicians and others are not concerned with or who are actually profiting from these horrific conditions.  And please, don’t tell me that “this is politics” because human beings are being affected by these so-called “politics”.  If so, the politicians and doctors need to be held accountable … and arrested … as Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, strongly suggests regarding their involvement in this war against black and the poor of this nation … “land of the free, home of the brave”!  I am open to feed back … so … “hit me up”!


John I. Cook, Director

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