Let’s Clear the Air!


Happy Hump Day, Folks!

How are you holding up?!?  Life has a way of giving us each “good” things and “not so good” things!  You know what I mean, don’t you!?  Okay, so as I sit here at a desk in a flat in Florida, we have temperatures that have dropped into the upper 50’s.  The states that were hit with a “week before Spring” blizzard have a very different outlook on things although still located in the same country … the good ole U.S. of A.!  Folks here in Florida are considering the weather in the more northerly states as “not so good” while many folks up North are saying that they have had enough of the winter weather!  Is there much that any of us can do about the weather?!?  I think not!  Now I grew up in New York, we had many “snow days” in the winter … even when I taught at the High School there in White Plains, NY, we had multiple “snow days”.  Both students and teachers alike looked forward to them!  It all depends on how you look at it.

I have been told, for example, that my writing, is “pedestrian” … by a friend whom I respect but with whom I don’t always agree.  I am okay with that.  I have some friends who write very exquisitely and I often have to ask them to paraphrase their writing for me or I ask them if I understand it properly.  I always ask questions … because I am who I am!  I don’t claim to write or paint or dance or sing better than anyone else.  Yet, my goal is to be understood … you don’t have to agree with me … but my hopes are that you understand me.  Do you think that I will stop writing … or dancing, singing or “doodling” … because it is not “like” someone else?!?  I hope not … because I won’t stop until I can’t do it anymore!

We all deserve clarity in our lives, to understand what certain laws or rules and regulations may mean to us.  While we know it is hard to predict the future for the most part, we can anticipate or even roughly calculate what “results” we can expect from certain activities, laws or regulations.  Case in point, we all have witnessed the “bashing of Obamacare” as the POTUS’s proposed and implemented Affordable Healthcare Act has been called.  It is almost like in some instances, just the mention of the name “Obama” brings out a certain type of person who may not understand the repercussions of a newly proposed Trump Care Act; but as long as it is part of the “repeal and replace Obamacare” movement, they embrace it.  Then enter, the “smoke and mirrors” tactic to governing our nation while some elected representatives are merely “playing politics”!  A study was conducted by an independent company to see how many people would lose “healthcare insurance” with “Trumpcare”.  The study indicated that several millions of people will lose health insurance in the first year of the implementation of “Trumpcare” and nearly double that amount will lose healthcare in the following ten years.  Trump’s loyal representative Spence, even though he scrambled for words to explain “wire tapping” to the American people in a way I have never heard before, decided that the company conducting the study is usually good at being accurate with “dollars and cents” in their forecasts, but consistently inaccurate when it comes to calculating the number of “people” who will lose insurance under “Trumpcare”.  Many of us are left choosing sides again rather than like myself, who did not have insurance for two years and now has it, know that I will probably be one who will lose health insurance here in the USA in the coming years!  Do understand, folks, that our lives consist of more than “choosing sides” and being coached to accept what “others want for us” (obviously benefiting them as they “play politics”) especially when it comes to our healthcare.

Try to keep the air clear around your head when making decisions regarding you and your loved ones lives.  Hopefully, unless you are playing on an athletic team or are actually someone who needs “coaching” to accept someone else’s reality for YOU, you can see things clearly and can research things well enough to come to your own conclusions.  Be well!


John I. Cook, Director

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