What If We Don’t Question Things … ANYTHING?!?

Happy Hump Day, Mi gente (my people)!

How’s the week been treating you?!?  How about the “past 100 days and some”?  Have you lost any friends?  Have you gotten into any social media/Facebook disagreements?  Have you noticed the increase of “hate crimes” against Muslims? Jews? … even Sikh Indians?  Why do you think this is happening?

I have some friends who even wonder why we need to know IF the Russians had any impact in the election, to say the least … if they were able to “hack” into the DNC’s server during the election.  Of course, I respect that.  Yet, as an avid student of life … I ALWAYS ask questions … any question I want.  Kind of like the current president asking to investigate claims that the previous POTUS, President Obama, had tapped his phones in Trump Tower during the election … believe it or not!  My father used to always tell me that if someone is worried about “anyone” finding out what they were talking about at any given day or time, they must be worried about something, if not hiding something.  One of my college chums who works in DC for a law firm even suggested that maybe the president wants to know “how much we have on him” … So, he suggests to change the subject just a bit (divert they eye/bait and switch technique), or at  least, just add the wiring tapping claims on to the investigation of contact with Russian officials by Trump’s anticipated cabinet members.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Where there’s smoke … there’s fire!”??  Now, we have had one of the president’s cabinet members resign due to the fact that he had been found to have met with a Russian ambassador while POTUS Obama was still in office … that was Flynn.  Yet, there is another cabinet appointee by the same president, “Jeff” Sessions, who actually lied under oath during his appointment proceedings for Attorney General that he “had not met with any Russian representatives of Putin” during  the time that POTUS Obama was still in office!  Since then, there has been a “whirlwind” of controversy, including the fact that Sessions now says that he will recuse himself from involvement in any investigation into the FACT that there was contact between appointees to the Trump cabinet and Russian ambassadors, which now people defending them state, “Oh, all senators meet with foreign ambassadors as part of their job!” … Okay, so WHY did these two – Flynn and Sessions – say that they DID NOT meet with any Russian officials BEFORE Trump was sworn in?!?  I mean, at this point, I think most Americans have had enough of these “alternative facts”, which we as a nation, have NEVER had to entertain before our current administration!  Now, we are inventing terms to accommodate this “current” president, like “Winter White House” (costing the inhabitants of West Palm Beach their business incomes as traffic is at a stand still whenever he comes to “visit”, not to mention the cost to “we the people” for security in the Winter White House/private property of Trump) as well as “alternative facts”!  Everyone … well … now not everyone, but a substantial number of Americans want answers to all of the above.  There are even some who are requesting that “Jeff” Sessions step down from a very important position in the cabinet since he was, in fact, dishonest about having met with “any Russian representatives of Putin”!  Can we have politicians who blatantly lie to the people that they represent while being sworn in to office?!?  I think not!!  Some of us may remember when Sessions requested that Clinton resign amidst the “Lewinsky Scandal” in which then POTUS Clinton was named by one of his aides as having had “sex” with him in The Oval Office during his presidency.

In every academic course that I have ever taken or taught, asking questions has always been an integral part of the learning process, and, arriving at the truth.  As far as the Russian involvement, if any, in the election, whether they hacked into the system or not, and/or, if that hacking had any influence in the outcome of the elections is something that the American people deserve to know.  So, let’s cut the crap with saying, “Oh, it doesn’t matter!” or “The Democrats simply need to accept the fact that they lost (not in terms of the popular vote) the election”.  Even Trump himself was using the term to describe the American election process as “rigged” … until now … since he is the current president!  In fact, we don’t even hear the terms “draining the swamp” nor “rigged election” anymore.

So, Happy Hump Day y’all, and ALWAYS … ALWAYS expect to have any question you may have answered by the representatives that “WE the people” elected into office!


John I. Cook, Director

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