How Many Lies Can YOU Tell?!?



Happy Friday, All!

One has got to T.G.I.F., if you understand what I mean!  Gratitude is a major part of my attitude … just saying!  I practice it everyday … it gives me peace!

If you don’t remember, I have shared many times how my father, “Big Ike”, detested lying.  He did NOT permit it in his humble home.  Perhaps, it is the “humility” that brings out the characteristic of being truthful.  My Dad was a man who didn’t graduate from high school, yet had the courage of a lion.  He was pretty much self taught in English as he grew up on a farm in Florida and agriculture and raising your OWN FOOD was a way of life … right down to the chickens in the back yard!  That life style, I am convinced, builds character.  Just yesterday, I was at the gym sitting in the jacuzzi treating my sore hips.  There is a guy I see there often … in and around the locker room, he doesn’t do yoga, so we often cross paths in the jacuzzi.  I was telling him what I wanted to do in my retirement as he shared that he comes to the gym every day because he is retired! “Bob” has an accent and I asked him where he was from.  He said “Alabama”.  I replied that I heard an accent and thought maybe he was from Europe or something.   He said his parents were children of sharecroppers and that they were hard core farmers.  So, I was kind of impressed that a “black boy” from New York’s Westchester County … “The Projects” in White Plains, to be exact … was able to speak cordially and truthfully with a “white boy” from Alabama who is retired!!  Our friendship is slowly growing though he is married and we don’t “hang out” together beyond the jacuzzi and the gym.

Our current government administration is going through a lot more “drama” than I ever remember studying, teaching and living through in my 62 years on this planet.  I have never seen so many grown men telling “bold faced lies” to a nation, to the people who voted them into office and to the whole world “who is watching”.  I posted something on social media regarding “Jeff” Sessions, also of Alabama, and how his untruths deserve resignation at the least.  There were a lot of people who replied, mostly agreeing with me, not that I need that.  If “one” is logical and truthful, I can have a conversation with “one” regardless of their station in life.  In my humble opinion, though I suspect that most politicians lie in their multifaceted “wheelings and dealings” (some probably because they don’t remember the last lie they told), when caught, even a politician should “step down” from whatever office he has been appointed to or elected to.  In the case of “Jeff” Sessions, there are taped recordings of him saying that he didn’t speak with any Russian officials about Trump (who was campaigning at the time) and the election.  So, now we may have to dissect the sentence.  Some folks will settle for him saying he didn’t speak with Russian officials about Trump’s campaign and that being the truth … perhaps.  Others would focus on him saying that he didn’t speak with any Russian officials, which he said under oath, … and he actually DID speak with a Russian Ambassador … TWO times!  Is this the time to start playing with semantics as one is being sworn in to office of Attorney General of the United States of America?!?  One is supposed to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth .. so help me God”!  So partial truths and “alternative truths” are not … I repeat NOT acceptable for the people one is supposed to represent and WORK for!  Yet, Sessions did lie and I don’t think that “we the people” deserve partial truths of any sort by a person who is being sworn into a president’s cabinet of the country that we live in!  One of my “street terms” comes to mind for a person who would dare look me (or a camera) in the face and tell any part of an untruth … but I will refrain from saying it at this time!  Just resign, “Jeff” Sessions, and save the taxpayers and citizens the time of figuring your lying butt out!  We CAN’T trust you!


John I. Cook, Director

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