How Do You Plan to Do This?!



Happy Hump Day, All!

“Humps” are pretty challenging to get over … one way or another, right?!  America  has got to get over “this hump” we’re dealing with now.  I know that some of you in my e-mail family/blog are Trump supporters and that’s okay.  This is America and we have the right to disagree and choose who we want to believe or not believe.  Our political system, a democracy as we have called it for hundreds of years, has its challenges as well.  One of the beauties of this democracy is that … damn near anyone … especially if you have enough money to pay for your campaign (Trump) or can get enough supporters to fund your campaign like Bernie Sanders did … YOU can run for office.

Yet, I have never heard a person put himself up on a mighty throne like our current president by constantly “putting down others”.  Statements like “Now, you finally have a president!” are arrogant to say the least, and untrue unless you believe that every president up until now … did nothing!!!  Last night’s address by the current president looked a lot like an attempt to drive an even greater wedge between the two major parties as each time he spoke about something controversial, he would look at and even hand gesture towards the side of the Congressional meeting room where Democrats were sitting … yes and mostly NOT applauding since they had heard all of this before.  Our current president spoke about what he plans to do … but there were no plans discussed!  Each time he said something like, “As I promised you, we are already starting to build the wall to secure our borders”.  While he “called for unity”, he still sought to blame Obama for “the leaks in the FBI and the Federal government”!  Speaking to the American people and telling them that the health insurance that they have is going to be repealed because it is “Obamacare” (he loves to get the real racist’s dander up by using Obama’s name to describe the “Affordable Healthcare Act”) and is “failing horribly” while still NOT stating what it will be replaced with … is pure “showmanship”!  He has called our military forces “depleted” many times and says he will rebuild this “depleted military” to make “America great again”!  I suspect that every “dead president” was rolling over in his grave to think that this person, a billionaire with a billionaire cabinet, is calling their work in running this nation “less than satisfactory”!  Presidents who actually made changes to put laws into place to protect the “civil rights” of all Americans certainly had their hands full.  Each time I think about a “fight for civil rights” in this country, it just reminds me of how “uncivilized” this nation must have been before with slaves and freedmen and women as well as white women without the right to vote in the country that they live in!

Does anyone have any idea, especially Trump supporters, WHO is going to pay for the wall?!?  Or are you just content with “hearing” that the wall will be built?  Does anyone know the repercussions to our environment that this “new pipeline” being built through sacred Native American lands that we “took from them” years ago … may be causing to our environment … or do “you” care?  Yes, more jobs will come out of the pipeline as they seek to enhance the oil companies’s profits … and … according to Trump … we will use US Steel for the pipes.  Does anyone know where the money will come from to pay for the “new” jobs for the TSA positions needed to properly “vet” illegal immigrants according to the president’s plan … which still has not been completely rolled out yet?  I mean, they even stopped people like Muhammad Ali, Jr. who was born in Philadelphia and asked him where did he get his name from?!?  This was at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport as they returned from Jamaica for a speech given there for Black History Month … and they never heard of Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay also born in the USA in the state of Kentucky … and probably one of the most famous figures of modern American history today.

Well, the current president is being “given a chance” to “meet his campaign goals”since he was elected via the “outdated electoral college votes”.  But I hope he remembers, along with the other “elected officials” that “they work for us”, as the former governor of Kentucky stated in his rebuttal to Trump’s “speech!  I recently read in social media that he was competing with Putin to become the richest man in the world!!  How “American” is that goal for an American president?!?  Let’s see what happens …


John I. Cook, Director

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