Sentimental Feelings



Happy Friday, All!

And I need to give a hearty T.G.I.F. … just because it feels good!

So much drama in this nation’s politics, you think!?  Now, much of it is spreading like ripples on a body of water to the world!  For me, it seems like a modern soap opera … but it is REAL!  Have you any idea of what I am referring to?!

Now it could be just me, but I can feel the turmoil and tension nearly in “the streets of our communities”.  Gun violence erupts in so many cities across this nation, and I am sure there must be some in other countries.  Yesterday, I watched a bit of “The O’Reilly Factor” where the host had two people from Sweden on his program.  One was the director of national security and the other was a woman from a town where refugees are prevalent and there appears to be some challenges of poverty.  Things seemed to have changed in this particular community since the refugees (Syrian?) were taken in by the Swedish government.  So, O’Reilly questioned the two, the woman first asking if there was increased crime in that town since the refugees arrived.  Her answer was mild, insinuating that there were challenges, perhaps corruption, in areas like social services and school issues for the refugees.  However, she didn’t say there was more “crime” like theft, burglary or murder/domestic violence.  Meanwhile, the national security adviser, who was a gentleman, seemed to feel that the socialization process for the refugees into Swedish society was difficult and challenging, perhaps causing increased crime.

Yesterday, there was a meeting for CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and I watched a bit of the “news” regarding that event.  There were various segments with speakers like Bannon, White House Chief Strategist of the Trump Administration, who told the audience what he believed the current president was doing … and those things were basically that “the President is living up to his campaign promises”.  The anticipated “wall” scheduled to be built between the USA’s southern border on Mexico has become something of an enigma for many of us … wondering WHO will pay for the construction of this wall.  The Mexican president thus far has promised that they will not pay for it.  Meanwhile, back at the “Winter White House” or the regular White House (geesh!) the current president promises that Mexico WILL pay for the wall to be built – another campaign promise that this administration is trying to push through.  Honestly, I see traces of “international bullying” going on here and I am curious what the out come will be.

With all the confusion, drama and threats, social upheaval including promises and protests … yes even rallies, I am inclined to still seek peace, love and happiness.  Here in SoFlo this week, there is the South Beach (SoBe) Wine and Food Festival – tickets are $250.00.  Last weekend also in South Florida we had two international boat shows with yachts and vessels from all over the world.  Also, yesterday, I went to yoga … This is the way I choose to enjoy life on a basic human level … convening with friends and fellow yogis with dedicated and caring Yoginis, sharing hugs and conversation.  Shucks, tomorrow is an event called “YogaFest” here in Ft. Lauderdale at the Huizenga Park off of Las Olas Boulevard.  I may try to swing by if traffic is not too congested … It costs like $25.00, I believe, for entry and participation in some of the events.  I am sure one will have to spend more for the items for sale at the event like food and clothing.

I am having a lot of sentimental feelings in the midst of all that’s going on around me.  Inside of me, I feel love for my daughter and new grandson, I am missing my deceased brother, Henry Charles Cook, and my deceased sister, Barbara Ann Powell … not to mention how much I miss BOTH of my parents presence, encouragement and support.  That’s all part of growing up, I presume … and I can handle that.  I enjoy the friendships that I have been able to develop over the years.  I like to tell people how special they are for me and compliment them on anything that I can!  This is the sentimental me … the feelings that well up inside of me quite naturally … and peacefully.  So, I have dedicated this correspondence to “sentimental feelings”, which I believe we are all allowed to have!!  Nurture yourselves spiritually, my friends, and enjoy your weekends!


John I. Cook, Director

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