Priorities . . .


Happy Hump ‘day, Y’all!

I always like to keep an open mind when it comes to looking at political developments, personalities and policies.  Those of you who know me best, know that I am a dreamer … Wishing everybody could just get along … learn about ourselves and each other … and inhabit this bountiful planet as “co-humans”.  I know that is a tall order, yet, I feel that with human intelligence and that uncanny ability we each have for survival, why can’t we do this?!?  I personally have met people from all walks of life.  I have had to adjust my “opinions” of others, be it ethnic groups, religions, or sexual preferences, not to mention others of various incomes and education.  But I always try to keep an open mind.  You know how everyone said, “Give Trump a chance!”  Well, first of all, I just want to reiterate that I wasn’t for Hillary nor Trump … I personally supported Bernie Sanders, one who is truly not caught up in some sort of “power struggle” or cronies looking to take over the world!!  So, I didn’t want either one of them.  The simple fact that Trump won the “electoral college” votes, which I still believe is worthless today, and NOT the popular vote, keeps me with a keen eye on the current president and his cronies’ activities.  After a bit of research on this topic of “Muslim countries to be banned”, it appears that the majority of them (terrorists) come from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt, NONE of which are named in the countries of the current ban!!!  Have you ever heard the word “priorities” before?

Once we were all trained to embrace the “fear of terrorism” during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, he has built on the “hype” and “fear” technique to rally folks around banning or limiting immigrants from “Muslim countries” and deporting “illegal immigrants” already here!  The phrase, “Don’t believe the hype!” comes to mind each time I see and hear one of the current administration’s many spokespersons who are trying to instill this “new nationalism”, if you will, which excludes the majority of the people of this country, as evidenced by the popular vote.  Now, even some of the Republican supporters of our current president, especially those in states like Florida, Washington California and New York, are beginning to see a trend of this “new nationalism” pressing on the boundaries of their otherwise immigrant communities.  With the sweeping “raids” of purported illegal immigrants, more and more families are being separated and more and more immigrants stand the chance of being deported!  All of this stuff that I am talking about now, actually makes my stomach turn!  I am just not in agreement with “political man” as we have evolved into a world where “men” seem to be looking for opportunities to dominate and control the whole world!!  This is what makes me say, “wtf”?!?  What makes one human think that I need their guidance to “live a good life”?!?  It is all part of the modern trend of making all humans slaves to capital and big business while individual lives and our longevity are no longer a priority!!

Well, I am going to close this communication with hopes of peace and encourage those of us who have the “hutspah” to challenge so-called authority and continue to demonstrate against a lack of priorities of the leaders that “we the people” (the majority of us) put into office.  As I watched the live newscasts of the current president’s visit to the National Museum of African American History and the lamest comment ever on anti-semitic acts from the destruction in a graveyard in Missouri to vandalism of temples in Florida, which was “this is horrible” … I shook my head in disdain once again.  Set your own priorities, folks, and stick to them … even if it means a peaceful protest!


John I. Cook, Director

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