“It’s Always Something!”



Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

“What a difference a day makes!” … and … “It’s always something!”, as my mother used to always say!  Many times in my life, I have heard the expression, “What goes around comes around!”  Do you know of any anecdotes or expressions like these?!?

Back in the day, at Princeton University, I studied Sociology.  One concept that we learned about was called, “Diverting the Eye” technique.  This is something that you can grasp, even if you never studied at any “university”.  Yet, less acute persons may miss this while looking at the “society we live in”.  In other words, “Pay attention, Son!”, as my father used to tell me.  So, what happens is that “one” may have an observation regarding an event or “pattern of behavior” in our society, which is the laboratory for sociologist.  (We can’t make this stuff up!)  While inquiring at one of our institutions “why a certain pattern of behavior” is occurring, the representative for that institution says, “Well, if you look at the developments regarding this notion that you have, you need to take into account what happened in another situation  (something totally different).”  What they have done, is diverted “your eye” and gotten you to focus on something else.  For example, the Flynn scandal where this “national security adviser” decided to meet with a Russian official to discuss President Obama’s sanctions placed on their government due to “cyber attacks” and meddling with the American election is problematic because it was BEFORE president elect Trump was sworn in.  The Obama administration said that there was “evidence”, which the GOP/Repubs vehemently denied, that the Russians had influenced the US election results.  The Repubs said, “Oh, you guys are sore losers and just need to accept defeat!”  Now, Trump says that the problem is “where the leak is” in the White House, NOT the fact that the election results were tampered with by the Russian “hackers”!   Amidst the resignation of Flynn as US Security Adviser, it is clear that Flynn not only lied to Spence, but that Trump knew before Spence that Flynn had gotten involved in “inappropriate behavior” with a Russian official/Putin’s staffer weeks perhaps MONTHS before Spence learned about it!!!

Can you say, “What goes around comes around”!?  So, here’s my question: “Are we surprised at this dishonesty AMONGST people of the same party?”  The United States of America looks like a “joke” first by electing a “reality show” producer as president of this once “grand nation” and a multiplicity of citizens have been duped into believing his campaign cry, “Make America Great Again!” fueled by his contention that he was going to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC.  Looks like he had a few “gators” of his own to bring to the “swamp” in Washington, DC.  Now, I am sure “we” could go deeper into the dynamics of the “political quagmire” in DC with the Trump administration, but I have never been a fan of “studying the art of deceit” … it’s too confusing for me … for many folks, including some of those  who voted for Trump!!!  Like my mother used to say, “It’s always something!”


John I. Cook, Director

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