“We Still Got This . . .”



Happy Friday, All!

So, as is tradition for me this time of week, T.G.I.F.!

It’s a good thing that the founding fathers … and many of “us” along the way since then … we do still have the right to assemble and have peaceful demonstrations and protests!  I still think back to my parents and folks of that generation …  including Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.  Look at what “they” had to undertake and experience in order to get “the right to vote” in this nation’s democracy!  I mean, when I look back at this nation’s history, it seems like a “no brainer” that people who actually live and work in this country, serve in the Armed Forces to protect this nation, like “Red Tails” during World War II … should have the right to vote for political representatives of the same country!  What does this say about the Americans, citizens and politicians alike, who forced “folks” to march and protest, have innocent lives taken … walk across a bridge and receive inhumane treatment, in order to get the right to vote!!??  Seems pretty scary to me.  In other words, who is really ignorant?  Who is really the “barbarian”?  Could it be those people who lynched African Americans, blew up churches including children and other innocent victims to KEEP them from protesting to get the right to vote?!?

Once again, we are at that juncture where “the right for peaceful assembly” has come in handy, so to speak, in challenging the “new administrations” executive orders.  In reference to the changes that have been brought about as a result of of the marches and protests … “from sea to shining sea” … there are several, including allowing current “green card” holders to enter and leave the country freely.  While our current president doesn’t admit that these “orders” regarding immigration restrictions were NOT rolled out properly, NOT brought before Homeland Security in advance and just not thought out “in advance” as experienced politicians know, it is clear that he is trying to meander along as if he has done no wrong!  A good friend and college buddy who lives in DC posted a great amount of information on social media (Facebook) regarding the changes that have been brought about as a result of the marches and protests!  Thanks, Vetalle Fusilier.  “We still got this!”  Yes, and some state governments are suing the Federal Government for implementing the “immigration ban” (another word that even White House spokesperson Spence stated was incorrect and at least questionable!) stating that it is indeed “unconstitutional”.  As the plot thickens and the election hype generated by this horrific and dishonest battle cry – “Make America Great Again” – dissipates, and even some so-called “Republicans” have come to see that Trump “blew smoke up their derrieres” while incessantly making hostile, often untrue, comments about everyone from Obama to some of his own party’s candidates, I suggest that “We still got this!”  Organize and march, protest peacefully and let your (our) voices be heard!

Have a great weekend … and if you get a chance, go to see a new movie “I Am Not Your Negro!”.  Enjoy the Super Bowl festivities as well!


John I. Cook, Director

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