Double Standards Are So Unfair . . .



Happy Hump Day, Y’all … all y’all!

Yes, I do have a heart … and a conscience … and substantial pride ’cause I am still here!  You dig, counting my blessings!  For me, life continues to be a journey that I have become more and more aware of each day that I live.  I am extremely grateful for every last one of them … those days … like today!  What about you?!?

Being an African American man requires a lot, as some of you may be able to ascertain, if not from the “world’s events” then by some of my writings.  Why is that?!?  Is there a “double standard” being applied to “us” as a species or “us” as a race?!  Just understand how hard it would be for you … if you were “me”!  When this double standard is applied in the criminal justice system, it should be noted that while African Americans are a numerical minority in this country, “we” are a majority in the cells of the penal institutions, which by the way, is also “a business”.

Okay, so “Wheels Up, Guns Down” was a big event with NO “shooting” DEATHS (one kid crashed into a vehicle and was killed) and multiple arrests.  Being an African American male, I view this event as “successful”, as stated by some of the “riders” who received tickets, got locked up, etcetera.  When asked by a newscaster, “Was it worth it?”, the biker who had just been released from jail, retrieved his dirt bike and stated the multiple infractions that he was charged with, he said, “Yes!”  MLK, Jr. was a “risk taker”, too!!  Don’t forget that he broke the law to make a point about injustices upon African Americans and our civil rights.  I was chatting with a friend who reminded me that after last year’s event, “law enforcement” had contemplated providing what was then called “Bikes Up, Guns Down!” with a venue or highway/roadway.  In this way, they could ride in honor of Dr. King and maybe even have police escorts or protection as the “Toys for Tots” Bikers who ride with toys for less advantaged kids in SoFlo get to use major highways like I-95 and 595 with people observing and cheering from the sides of these roads!!  Why not organize it a bit better, too??  “THEY” are riding for a cause, who like Dr. King, felt it was important enough to face fines an/or imprisonment!

Some of you may remember the big story a year ago about the Rabbi from New York who was visiting his family there in Miami and was shot and killed by “someone”!  The community was up in arms and were demanding an arrest …  So, the police arrested a 14 year old boy who happened to be African American and charged him with the murder because his “cell phone” signals were coming from the area where the Rabbi was shot and killed!  Deondre Charles told them over and over that he did not do it … Yet, the “school house to jailhouse” pipeline was looking to get another young boy … who just happened to be African American … into the penal system for the rest of his life!  It turns out that the weapon used to murder the Rabbi was also used the day before in an armed robbery … and Deondre Charles did not have the firearm, which they still cannot find to this day!!!  So, after determining that someone else was using the 14 year old’s cell phone that specific day and not finding the weapon yet, they let him go.  He had been incarcerated for several months, and due to weak evidence, was “allowed” to go home with an ankle monitor … until now!!  He has two attorneys who happened to be white who are suing because even they say that Deondre Charles should never have been arrested in the first place … for lack of evidence.  The real killer is still loose on the streets …  RIP, Rabbi …

There is often a “double standard” applied when it comes to African Americans and many of the institutions of “our” society as we are STILL treated like second class citizens by some folks when they can get away with it.  The drummer for a gospel band near West Palm Beach named Corey Jones, who was killed by a “police officer on special assignment”, may have some closure … at least his family and friends … A recording was released of his call to a tow truck company as well as a recording of Newland Raji who had called “911” AFTER fatally shooting Jones as he waited to finish his conversation with the dispatcher of the towing company.  On both recordings, you can put ” one and one” together and determine that Jones never had a chance against this obviously hateful West Palm Beach officer who asked him if he was “good”, to which Jones replied, “Yeah, I’m good …” and upon seeing Raji with his pistol pointed at him yelling, “Put your hands up!”, decided to run for his life!  Jones was shot and killed at the exit of I-95 there in West Palm Beach and BOTH recordings demonstrate that Raji basically executed him there.  Could it be because he just happened to be an African American male?!?  Would Raji have done the same if it had just happened to be a “white male” of ANY ethinic group be it Italian, or Greek, Irish or Russian?!?  Double standards “suck” … yep … I said it … And racism SUCKS, too!  Can’t we all just get along?!?


John I. Cook, Director

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