“Wheels Up, Guns Down!” and MLK Day



Happy Friday, All!

Yes, yes, yes … and it’s “Friday the 13th”, too!  I still have to T.G.I.F.!!

Well, we have another opportunity to celebrate “The Dream” of The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.!  Amen!  His dream was of freedom, justice, equality … and non-violence!  Here is a man who literally put his life on the line, day in and day out, for what he believed.  Can you see that he gave his life for his dream?!?  Of course, many of us lived to acknowledge and witness his dream coming true in the election of President Barack Hussein Obama!  I won’t spend so much time telling why this was an integral part of King’s Dream, and as most of us witnessed, it was not an easy job getting Obama elected for two terms, nor was it an easy task for “us” to get things done during his administrations … like getting the Monument of MLK built as well as the Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.  There were “those” who didn’t want to let that happen nor who cared if it never happened … but it did!  “I Have a Dream”!

This piece is not a traditional tribute to Dr. King and his “Day of Service”, which encourages us all to engage in a volunteer activity that works for the betterment of America and the embodiment of “The Dream” of Dr. King!  I used to be a “biker” and probably still would be if I hadn’t nearly lost some limbs, not to mention my life, in a “no car” accident!!  Some of you may remember that story, a major episode in my life which brought the “7 Year Ride” that I experienced on my 1999 Honda Night Hawk to an end!  I was surely blessed to survive it … so I know the adrenaline rush associated with riding a motorcycle though I didn’t have any experience with four wheeled vehicles, usually driven off road, and dirt bikes.  My jet black Night Hawk was a “cruiser” … and I cruised from South Florida as far down as Lincoln Road in Miami to Orange County where I worked for ACORN in Orlando and lived in Kissimmee, FL with a good friend, Stokely Gittens.  My “7 Year Ride” came to an end, pretty much when the Giants won their last Super Bowl and I had an accident getting off I-95 on Cypress Creek Road on my way home from a “Celebration” of their win!!  Glad that I lived to tell this story, too … and shortly afterwards, I sold the motorcycle.

Yet, I commend the new “Wheels Up, Guns Down” motto of motorcycle riders, dirt bike riders and ATV riders who have decided to embrace King’s Legacy of Peace by putting their guns down and raising their “wheels” in honor of his memory and dedication to peace and non violence.  Many of the participants, I am sure, don’t have guns but have chosen to honor Dr. King’s Legacy in this manner, though as law enforcement can testify, often includes some dangers and perils … even accidents and death!  So, as Broward County prepares to control this “event”, as well as Miami Dade County where the “movement” began several years ago in honor of Dr. King’s Legacy of Peace, may the participants and observers alike be safe.  As well, the “movement” has spread to another major city – Baltimore, MD.  May we allow them to celebrate Dr. King’s Dream of Peace in the best way they know how … “Wheels Up, Guns Down”!


John I. Cook, Director

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