If You See Something, Say Something!



Happy Hump Day, Y’all …

These times are “something else”, aren’t they?!?  Anybody remember when that expression was widely used?!! My Mother use to say that about me sometimes, especially when I would do something really surprising – be it a great grade on an exam … or a lack of judgement in a personal matter.

Well, the first thing I was interested in addressing today is the situation surrounding the shooter at the international airport in Fort Lauderdale, FL … Esteban Santiago, age 26 of Hispanic heritage, if you will.  Many of us may have heard and dismissed the “conspiracy theory” circulating that some of our intelligence agencies in this country are selecting “former military misfits”, if you will, and literally driving them crazy!!   Now, the plot thickens here because Santiago who lived in Alaska reportedly told the FBI in Alaska that the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos and that they were controlling his mind.  His weapon, the same one used in the murders at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, was confiscated by authorities in Alaska.  Then, soon afterwards, following a so called psychiatric examination, his weapon was RETURNED to him!!!  Why oh why would anyone, not to mention the FBI, return a weapon to a person who says that anyone else is controlling his mind other than himself?!?  A big “ball”, so to speak was dropped here.  No one in Alaska said anything about this character’s mental state of mind nor that they had returned a weapon to him after a so-called psychological evaluation!!  Then, he boarded a plane in Alaska after dismantling his gun and put it in his suitcase!  Upon arrival in Ft. Lauderdale, he retrieved his bag, re-assembled his weapon and lashed out on innocent travelers at the baggage claim there at Fort Lauderdale’s international airport.  The rest is history … Peace be still.

Was this young man a victim of the “secret powers that be” to show that a person … even a person of Hispanic origin … can be influenced by purported Islamic hatred and terrorist thinking to wage an attack on American soil against innocent Americans?!?  If this is something that is true, woe be to the perpetrator(s) of such actions who would dare to “sacrifice” lives of innocent travelers to make their point about “Islamophobia”?!?  Please …. don’t forget how many times it has been said that Obama supports Islamic terrorists … not to mention that Trump himself continually tried to use the press and media to discredit the POTUS by arguing that he was NOT born in the United States of America!!  Now, the same person whines about how some American citizens demonstrate distrust of his Russian connection, not to mention one of his cabinet appointees who heads Exxon and had a personal relationship, as well as business, with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin!  The Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, has a questionable past in dealings with Putin regarding the oil industry and some “deal(s)” he made with Putin as CEO of Exxon.  So, now that the “shoe is on the other foot”, I wonder why “Scrump” whines so much!!?  Yet, this is simply a side note to the questionable handling of Esteban Santiago purportedly by the FBI in Alaska given Santiago’s claim that the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos!!  Does the saying widely spread in America nowadays given the heightened concern of terrorist activity “If you see something, say something!” apply to the FBI … or even the CIA?!?  I think so!!

President Obama’s “Farewell Speech” in Chicago was extremely motivational, even for me who has pretty much “thrown in the towel” on Trump and decided to travel abroad for as long as I can in my retirement.  I do feel that President Obama was able to motivate the younger generation to NOT give up on the gains made by his administration in his two terms as POTUS and to even embrace the “founding father’s”, so to speak, dreams of a “more perfect Union” as he recited key points from our nation’s Constitution.  (The part I liked most was his emphasis on those certain “inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”!)  The beauty of his speech was that he mentioned that the most important position or office in the land was that of citizen, which he will be privileged to be returning to in the next week or so!  His humility and pride coupled with his sincerity and respect of all involved in his “success story” as POTUS for two terms is unlike any person, not to mention “president”, that I have ever seen or heard in my life time!  He fought against tremendous odds to accomplish the things he did accomplish, and, as evidenced by the response to his speech by attendees of the event, his leadership will be missed!

Remember, y’all … “If you see something, say something!”


John I. Cook, Director

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