Make America Great Again?!? What Was It Before???


Happy Friday, All!

I usually like to give credit where credit is due, so … T.G.I.F.!

In this royal “saga” of “Make America Great Again”, I am watching closely how this “so-called” change is taking place!  What was America “before” Trump got elected?!?  Are people trying to embrace the ignoramus notion that America was NOT great before this “reality show” star got elected?!?  Please, do tell me, what was it before?!?  And, please don’t hint at the FACT that America wasn’t already great, and many many great things were done in the 8 years of President Obama’s 2 terms!  I mean, he inherited a mess of an economy, from what I could tell, and medical coverage was nearly unheard of for a large number of Americans … including myself!!!

For me, it really is frightening how people might be defining “great”, but I doubt that anyone saw anything happening here that wasn’t happening in other “first world countries” like Germany or France …. Italy or Spain.  In fact, I think we were in many ways a lot better off here than in some of the other countries. There were “terrorist” activities in many countries, including some of our “home grown” terrorists like at Sandy Hook and in Charleston’s church where a “kid” worshiped with folks who welcomed him into their church – then killed nine of them.  Do folks think we run the chance of having even more repeat performances of the latter event,  or … even “on the flip side” like what happened with the mentally challenged white kid in Chicago who was beaten (not killed or shot!) by a group of “black” teens during this next administration?!?  Is “all” of this talk about making America “great” again simply a backlash or “evening up the score” because we had an African American (don’t forget, the very first one on modern record) president … for TWO terms?!?  I think he did a very decent job in cleaning up the mess that Bush left behind AND making tremendous progress, including ridding the world of head terrorist Osama bin Laden.  Obama also spoke up on social injustices from George Zimmerman’s murder of unarmed Trayvon Martin to the acknowledgement of Native American’s territory in the West where oil pipe lines and extensive pollution are in and near their lands.  I am still trying to get over how quickly Native Americans were removed from THEIR land, hustled on to reservations and eventually “integrated” into “American society” as second-class citizens, at most?!?  If it were done in reverse … how would “folks” feel?!?

I recently came across a trailer for a film on James Baldwin’s take on “race relations in America” which is produced by Samuel L. Jackson that is a compilation of “notes” for an unfinished manuscript that author and social activist Baldwin had planned to complete before his death.  The trailer itself was powerful, and I can only imagine how incredible the film will be … I hope that James Baldwin is done “justice” in the film and represented appropriately for all his true human characteristics.  To me, it seems like this “tit for tat” approach, this competitiveness brewed into the fabric of American society has now permeated the political process to the point that instead of being “the United States of America” we are appearing like pre-Civil War America where people are drawn into the competition so much that they only want to “take sides” like we used to do in elementary school when two kids were about to fight!  It appears that in many ways, Americans have adopted this “Lord of the Flies” mentality and attack innocent people who have done nothing to the attackers.

To question YOUR own country’s intelligence sources and praise an”enemy of ones own nation’s” leadership that is being accused of cyber attacks on the election that one became president of a country is somewhat ignorant, two-faced and out right scary for me!!  What can be expected from a person who does these things even before his inauguration and official occupation of the highest office in the land?  I don’t know how far this game plan can be implemented before catastrophic destruction takes place within this country.  There are eerie reminders of “the decline of the Roman Empire” in this story, so … pay close attention to the developments and help implement positive changes since we are “all in this together”.  Can’t we all get along?  … or don’t we have the courage to make the changes necessary to maintain our own union?  I hope we can make the changes … for the betterment of our nation.

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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