“Take What You Can Use, And Leave the Rest Here!”



Happy Hump Day … the First one of 2017!

It’s a  beautiful day … if you can use any of your senses!  Be grateful!  I don’t know much about “death” because I haven’t been there, so …  Yet, when I look at how people in general live, there is a lot of “diversity” here, too.  Some folks live as if “there is no God”, nor good vs. evil while others live their lives taking each experience as an opportunity to learn more about their fellow human beings, not to mention learning more about the planet we share.  In short, folks come from different mind sets.  In fact, there are a multiplicity of variations of “schools of thought” between the two aforementioned.  The spectrum is tremendous.  Over the years, I have had to adjust my own spiritual compass to include “experiences” as well as the lessons I learned from them.

I have participated in many “self help” programs, and, Educational Excellence is one that I offer.  With most spiritual programs, one does NOT have to be perfect.  Yet, one does have to have a desire to “do good” or at least improve – whether it be their own lives or the society one finds oneself a part of.  There are several friends and readers of my e-mails and posts who focus on similar principles as I do here at Educational Excellence.  One is a former yoga teacher whom I met at the gym here in Ft. Lauderdale.  She and her husband, Preston, now run a yoga program, not just a studio, in West Palm Beach, FL.  Christen Scott is not only an excellent yoga teacher, she also holds her Ph.D. in psychology!!!  Her most recent blog for the Power Yoga Tribe which starts the New Year for her thriving business talks about how life and “yoga is magic” – you’ve got to believe.  Another person whom I admire due to our similar “schools of thought”, if you will, is a former student (remember, I started teaching in my early 20’s in White Plains Public Schools) and a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.  His name is Kelvin Carey.  Kelvin’s New Year’s resolution, he said, is the same as last year which comes from Bruce Lee: “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.”  I like the two approaches … together!  When folks say, “Which of these would you choose?”, I usually say “Both” rather than pick one or the other!  I use the “Gestaldt” or all inclusive approach to living, getting rid of whatever hasn’t been “working” for me!

So, in closing, I want to wish each of you a very “successful” (use your own definition for success), peaceful and blessed New Year!  If that is too “wide open” or not specific enough, that’s where you can make your “New Year” as Bruce Lee says, “uniquely your own”!


John I. Cook, Director



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