Again . . . Stop the Violence!!



It’s Friday, y’all … the last Friday in 2016!  So, I guess it’s only appropriate to T.G.I.F.!!  So be it!

I am trying not to focus on the political developments world-wide since it is not much I can do about it anyway.  It’s like watching a movie … except it’s real!  These characters can’t be taken seriously … ranging from Putin to Trump … I kind of like Obama as an actor/politician because he seems to be working on a larger goal other than selfish aggrandizement.  Some of these leaders act as if the rest of the world’s population are merely pawns in their games!  Why do they think it is cool to play with other people’s lives?!?

We are looking at a New Year in our journeys and some of you may want to start it without receiving these messages.  Let me know, okay?  My skin is thick enough and besides you each have the right to tell me to STOP!!  I know Coach Blake, my long time mentor, coach and friend here of late has asked me to take him off the e-mail list, and I will … after this one!  I just wanted to “publicly” wish you a Happy New Year, Sir!  Thanks for being here for me and I will continue staying in touch personally.  Some of you who happen to read these and would like to be removed … or don’t read them and would like to be removed and stop receiving these e-mails, let me know!  Thanks … but before you go, Happy New Year!

So, near here in Miami, it’s become like the “Wild Wild West” with this gun violence!  More kids are being killed and the gun play has moved into South Broward in Dania Beach where an eight year old boy in 3rd grade was shot a couple of days ago … and killed.  Three others were injured in this senseless shooting where an innocent child was killed even as one adult sought to shield him from the barrage of bullets in this Dania Beach neighborhood as the children were on their way from a birthday party.  The shooter wore a mask.  Rap star “Pit Bull” has become the face of a movement in Miami known as “One Bullet Can Kill” after multiple murders of innocent children like 8 year old King Carter who, earlier this year, was shot and killed in the cross fire of two rival gangs in Miami!  He was on his way to get candy from the local store!  I remember when I used to get candy from the neighborhood stores surrounding the Winbrook Projects on S. Lexington Avenue in White Plains, NY … I never had to worry about being shot, thank God …  It is not fair to the children to live in the midst of such senseless danger.  Stop the Violence … everywhere!  How and where do these young folks get these guns and ammunition??

Of course, I have no idea of what it would feel like if I had lost my only child to anything, let alone gun violence.  I have often nearly “preached” through Educational Excellence the necessity of ending violence as well as have other local activists; yet, many many communities still suffer from this epidemic.  I think of friends who just gave birth to children … even my one and only grandson … and pray that no such fate ever reaches their communities.  Stop the Violence ….  There is even a huge movement here in SoFlo against shooting firearms in the air to celebrate the New Year … What goes up … must come down … and we don’t know where!


John I. Cook, Director

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