We Don’t Have to Agree on Everything … or Anything … but Show Some Respect!



Happy Hump Day, All!

Well, things are going  pretty bizarre in the world in places like Berlin, Germany where a “big rig” from Poland drove into a traditional marketplace bustling with holiday shoppers there in the capital city of Germany!  Already, though it took a couple of 24 hours, ISIS is claiming responsibility for the destruction.  As well overseas in Ankara, Turkey as a high ranking Russian diplomat spoke at an art exhibit in an art museum, an assassin emerged from the clear foreground directly behind the Russian diplomat while he gave his opening remarks.  Then, as if fireworks, “bam,bam,bam,bam,bam”! like five to 8 shots were fired into the diplomats body which immediately fell motionless to the floor as the shooter, a member of the riot police there in that city, spoke in Arabic and then Turkish reminding the “world” of his discontent with what is happening in Syria!  He was shot and killed by police as was the driver of the “big rig” who claimed around 40 innocent lives!!

Those of you who read regularly will know that I revisit this theme from time to time not only because I have “lost” friends because they may have disagreed with me but went too far down the “disrespect” road saying (writing) things that were designed to harm me, perhaps lower my self esteem and maybe a feeble attempt to make themselves feel better for whatever reason.  I even looked at the horrific things that were said during this last presidential campaign and cannot believe some of the things said about different individuals.  POTUS Obama has heard it all from Trump and still managed to meet with him several times to discuss the issues pertinent to the “transition of the office of president” by these two extremely different people!  I know just like we all know that as a citizen, Trump had launched one of the most vicious attacks on President Obama questioning his citizenship to the “n-th” degree and was and still is as disrespectful as a person could be towards the President of the United States of America!  How dare he … and many many other media sources seek to tarnish the image of a president and his family never ever caught in any scandals!

Do you know people who like to criticize and attempt to ridicule YOU?!?  I do … but I quickly put them in their place with my words … just as I did with the micro-managing “boss” I recently had who was annoyed that I graduated from Princeton, spoke Spanish fluently and closed several deals in Spanish (he only knows one language, poorly!), and am very kind, professional, humble and proud at the same time and generally charismatic amongst my co-workers.  He sought an attack on my person, tried to talk “down” to me multiple times until he couldn’t take me putting him in his place simply by telling him that he is not talking to a 3 year old!  Come again?!  He couldn’t so he used his 20 year friendship with the owner to get me terminated!!  Next!!!

Over the years, I have met folks who come at me sideways from time to time and I have to straighten them out, some to the point that they didn’t want to be “friends” anymore!  So be it … ’cause in my friendships, I still demand respect!  I admire President Obama who held his head high, accomplished many many things that helped “make this country great” and still found time to assist a very hostile president elect.  Any questions?


John I. Cook, Director

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