This Is Why I Do It!



Happy Friday, All!

Even in times of challenges, I T.G.I.F.!!  Got that?!  One of my favorite Bible passages I keep in my heart is “Count it all joy …”!  Powerful thought, right?!  The new Will Smith movie called “Collateral Beauty” focuses on finding something beautiful, which he believes there is, in the midst of ones most difficult times!!

Sometimes folks ask me why I mention  some of my life’s most challenging moments.  I know folks are more private than I am … and … I am not an angel.  Yet, I like folks to know what happens to brothers out there!  It is no picnic, and, the more mature I get, the more I have to step up my “game”, so to speak, to stay out of trouble (not like I am looking for it) and not let folks push my “buttons”.  Since I taught last, I have been into more administrative work but often find myself in a call center of some sort.  There are certain characteristics about “call centers” and folks go from one to the next … to the next!  Not  my style, but I have had to work somewhere to make ends meet.  Even now, I find myself juggling things (losing some, like car insurance) in my effort to keep the most important basics “in order”.  Often, I find that when I am trying hardest, something inevitably or always comes up … just when things seem to be getting all straightened out.  I have to adjust again, maybe not looking so good to people I owe money to, or those who have helped me in the past and wonder “why I keep having challenges”.  So, I like to share the details of the  “not so good things” that go on in my life in order to clarify what a man like me goes through.  “It ain’t easy being me.”  Yet, I prefer being myself as true to myself as possible in the midst of all the drama that goes on when we trade our valuable lives in order to make some money to have a decent enough living … whatever that might be at any given moment.

I am reaching that point where I don’t have to be involved in every movement or activity where “everybody else is” and “doing what everybody else does” … and … sometimes it gets “lonely” out there.  This is where quality friendships come into place for me, especially when I am trying to be transparent to those who have given me a hand over the years.  Just know, whether you “like” me or not … that I couldn’t have done it without you!

In closing, I just want to wish you all a wonderful weekend wherever you are, stay positive no matter what’s going on around you and … “Be your BEST self, because you are YOU!”


John I. Cook, Director

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