“Sharing is Caring!”



Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Sharing is caring!”?  Do you think it is the truth?!?

This is the “holy day” season, and I believe that humanity still needs to embrace the concept of “sharing” the plethora of resources we have on this planet!!  Why should anyone be starving or lacking the bare essentials to survive?!  Maybe because of their national origin or “race”, if you will … one of the other devices devised by humans to separate the inhabitants of the same Earth?!  Do you think we are “intelligent” enough a species to figure out how to “UNITE” the peoples of the world?!  Many of our world’s billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, once they had accumulated tremendous wealth, began to look around and see how they might “help” others less fortunate and less capable of manipulating the “social organization”, not to mention those unfortunates unable to access the resources that enable one to achieve social and economic mobility.  Many many people who have achieved “success” in our Western societies have “given back” to those less fortunate … even people like Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Alonzo Mourning ( retired Miami Heat star) have taken their comparably “meager” wealth and spread it to children’s organizations and programs in the inner cities and even provided programs in information technology to help the “underprivileged” children acquire skills necessary to achieve this “social mobility” in our present world society!

So, what do you think about someone who decides to fire someone … during the Christmas/Hanukah/Holy Days even New Year’s season?!?  Now, most of you know me … I always say this … I am humble, but NOT to be walked upon and disrespected for a buck or two … or more!  I am not a bad person … I work hard and don’t ask for much from a boss or manager/supervisor except “respect” … not love or adoration … just respect!  Why is it that  people have such a hard time respecting each other?!?  Do you think it is this “division” thing we have going on … like this religion vs. that religion, or this socio-economic group vs. that socio- economic level group … not to mention this ethnic group vs. that one!?  I mean, we go out as far as to “hating” people who wanted “this” candidate vs. “that” one and were actually prepared to go to war over “your” support of a given candidate?!!!  So, I still haven’t figured out why I was terminated … though I know that the manager could NOT accept some of my answers to his comments or questions!

Here’s an example:  So, we have an incoming call line called “ad calls” where potential clients are responding to an advertisement on the internet.  They always tell us to try to convert “anyone” who calls into our office … especially if they have over 8 – 10 thousand dollars worth of debt!  So, this gentleman called in basically asking me if I could tell him who one of his credit cards were issued by since he only had a credit report with the name of the collection agency on it.  So, I explained to him that we help people with 8 – 10 thousand dollars worth of debt, give them one low monthly payment and negotiate each creditor’s debt down to an average of 45 cents on the dollar as they are saving in a trust account to cover the settlements and our legal fees as well as the negotiators fee.  The gent said, “Okay, so I can try to find out the information another way, thanks!”  And we ended the call.  This supervisor who was sitting directly behind me listening to every word on the phone says, “John, on the call you just had … I was listening to it (he holds up the phone with an ear plug to show me how he was listening!) and you spent too much time telling him what we do here.”  At this time, I realized it was pointless to disagree with him, so, I picked up a Lysol wipe and began to clean my phone off that was on my desk.  He looks at me and says, “You can do that later.”  So, I asked, “What is it?  Do you want me to look at you?”  He says, “Well it is disrespectful to do that while I am talking to you.”  Go figure, I thought to myself!  I chimed in, “You are not talking to a 3 year old!”  He continues with his chatter about nothing as I looked in his face until he was done with his verbal diarrhea which he can carry on for some time.  I wanted to get back on the phone and reach my goal of 150 calls, which I did that day, and add on to the 2 deals that I had closed and were signed by my clients as of December 9th, 2016.  I guess I rubbed him the wrong way because that night after work, I got a call from the agency that had found this position for me telling me that the owner sent him a text telling him to “let me go”!  Any questions?!?  Completely ridiculous in my opinion … but I am doing my best to handle it …

Others in our world today during this “holy day ” season are looking for ways to help people …. How does THIS episode strike you?!  The owner of the company that laid me off, Robert, drives a Maserati and also has a Lamborghini … Do you think he needs the “few” hundred dollars he is depriving me of for Christmas/Hanukah (he is Jewish)?  I doubt it … But … can you imagine this is what I go through?!?


John I. Cook, Director

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